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data than did the Passing and Implicitly Out scales.
"The kingdom of heaven is like...." Or, in the lectionary that I prefer, "The dominion of heaven may be compared to...." In one form or another, the phrase appears both explicitly and implicitly in these gospel pericopes.
You look up through this extraordinary inside-outside space to the galleries beyond and are implicitly welcomed in.
A doctor accused of failing to notice 'a cluster of deaths' among the patients of serial killer Harold Shipman said yesterday that he had trusted the GP 'implicitly'.
Peter Kolchin's epigrammatic claim that "almost every historical statement of significance is implicitly comparative" is followed by the equally provocative suggestion that "disagreements among scholars often rest more on the differing comparative frameworks that implicitly underlie their judgment than on differing understandings of what actually happened" (116).
We have implicitly designed our parliamentary system to favor rule by one party regardless of the statistical realities.
"To the extent we can point our fingers at someone else, we implicitly excuse ourselves from responsibility," Boykin says.
Hugging the gallery walls and at times fully becoming them, each loose-knit grouping offered a different model of drawing that implicitly challenged the medium's claims to discreteness and autonomy.
They advocate their points by parading highly paid CEOs in front of the media and comparing CEO compensation to that of the minimum wage workers (implicitly assuming that minimum wage workers have the same productivity levels as Chief Executives).
Preceded by photographs of influential musicians, and followed by images from the Civil Rights movement, these pictures of athletes thus form an implicitly important segment of African American history.
But in 1965 the Second Vatican Council took a fresh look at the church's posture toward civil governments and implicitly affirmed the separation of church and state in the Declaration on Religious Liberty.
The collection's stated theme of society and individual is not merely Burckhardtian in inspiration, but also implicitly acknowledges Brucker's own modesty and rigorous intellectual honesty.