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You are inundated with implorations to attend such and such club with what seems like amazing deals of buy-one-get-one-free offers and so on.
While this new sense of duty bursts from La La Land in anthemic major chords, it's still Carney's soaring implorations that lead the charge.
Simply stated, Southwell's body of poetical works, with its accompanying implorations and imbedded instructions on how to write sacred verse, was a textual body charged with the fresh memory of his more political body, very recently drawn, hanged, and disemboweled before an unusually sedate and sympathetic crowd at Tyburne.
This was followed by implorations that the friendship be preserved, accompanied by a participative audience raising their hands and repeating the words pachy parau tinacor
Typically, they concur with, and implement, change at glacial speed, regardless of the implorations of a vice chancellor or of a national government.
Zada really enjoys himself and refuses to go home, in spite of Nick's implorations.
Durant cette nuit, Dieu exauce les implorations de ses serviteurs.
PERMANENT Secretary of the Defence Ministry Petros Kareklas yesterday dismissed the implorations of some parents to get their sons out of the army as "exaggerations", reassuring them that conditions in the army had improved "beyond recognition".
Other sources of such information, she notes, are various newspapers in their editorials, magazines and implorations from the medical profession itself ("be sure to get your shots