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The absence of commas around "dear" is Mary's grammatical maneuver of imploration. Christine's atheist rejoinder twists Tennysonian myth to depict Mary as the Lady of Shalott, as disengaged from the real world.
Des les premieres notes du recital, Djamel Laroussi, affichant un dynamisme hors pair, est entre dans le vif du sujet, interpretant [beaucoup moins que]Laafou[beaucoup plus grand que], une imploration divine ecrite dans un rythme envoutant et des gammes pentatoniques.
This book could very well record an analogist's final guidance and implorations to that world.
As a heterosexual Christian woman who has long fought to recontextualize biblical portrayals of female chasity and Pauline implorations to "flee sexual immorality," I want to know how Moore wrestled with texts like those often cited in Deuteronomy and Leviticus to condemn homosexuality, or with early rabbinical texts condemning blackness, and ended up loving and liberating himself.
Decades of implorations and objections did not help, the neighbours didn't care, and municipal and city officials did not care.
Sheik Hichem Ben Mahmoud, Imam of the Zitouna Mosque, followed by religious chants and implorations performed by Sheikhs Mondher Jeddi and Habib Nahdi.
In the meantime, Mary was experiencing various kinds of fits and other bodily sensations, from wringing her hands, pain in her stomach, shut eyelids, blackened tongue, to more violent vexations that increased as the prayers increased in intensity and their implorations to God.
However, Manon cannot hold on to this radical position: in contrast to this moment of self-assertion, Manon's anger is also punctuated by the more standard implorations, "Forgive me" "Take me back" (31), and "Help me deny my body!" (42).
De toutes les facons, l'Algerie debourse plus de 65 milliards de dollars dans les implorations dont 10 milliards uniquement pour les produits alimentaires [beaucoup plus grand que], fait savoir le conferencier.
His implorations to his mother about the forced rearrangement of his identity serve as the play's introduction: "?Que novedades son estas, / mi senora?