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Finding a terrified Marta, Billy and Eva implore her to come with them to safety.
I implore anyone wishing to purchase any large breed of dog to research the breed, ensure that the puppy comes from a good, registered breeder and that they have the capability to handle and control the dog at all times.
I implore owners of all dogs, never leave any dog alone with a small child and ensure you control your dog while exercising it in a public place.
Competition hostess Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter) implores Wallace and Gromit to catch the floppy-eared monster at all costs.
Celia, her one-time best friend, is murdered; and her teenage son, Cecil, implores Tamara to find out who killed his mother.
By extension from this personal experience, the psalmist implores all of Israel to share that hope.
Another, for Ohio congressional candidate Jane Mitakides, implores Web surfers to "Help Jane help John Kerry