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Mirabel implored me to save him, that choice was no longer mine--and you know what I did.
As soon I could speak, I implored her to tell me the whole truth about the woman whom I had supplanted.
I implored again, and showed such a pious disposition, and so earnest a determination to behave well, that he gave in, and we went off very happily hand in hand.
I implored, catching her by the arm, and terrified beyond measure by the loudness of her mirth.
My mother followed me to the very door of my room with her questionings and advice concerning my health and my conduct; but I implored her to let me alone till morning; and she withdrew, and at length I had the satisfaction to hear her close her own door.
NNA - Favourably inclined towards studying the new initiative for electing a new Lebanese president, Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi, implored leaders during his Sunday sermon at Bkirki "to seriously and responsibly reconsider the issue for, reaching a unanimous decision by them as being genuinely patriotic.
Summary: Syrian refugees in Akkar implored the Qatari government Friday not to close down a medical center providing services in the region.
De profundis of the experience of human sinfulness, Yahweh is implored to listen.
We fell behind together in the first half but again turned to Bornn, who implored the team not to give up, to believe a 24-point halftime deficit wasn't impossible to overcome.
While some have implored her not to lip-synch on her 2004 tour, they've been shouted down in chat rooms and on fan sites by others who prefer the fakery.
The SIJC implored Arab-Muslim leaders to support Palestinian steadfastness in the face of criminal Israeli malpractices against Jerusalem amid daily encroachment on the precincts of al-Aqsa Mosque.
Summary: Prominent local religious and political figures in the town of Wadi Khaled implored officials Tuesday to ensure the protection of the Lebanese-Syrian border.