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Consequently, he implored the media to familiarise and publicize bilateral relations and activities that they undertake with neighbouring countries as they foster and contribute to peaceful co-existence.
BEIRUT: Syrian refugees in Akkar implored the Qatari government Friday not to close down a medical center providing services in the region.
De profundis of the experience of human sinfulness, Yahweh is implored to listen.
While some have implored her not to lip-synch on her 2004 tour, they've been shouted down in chat rooms and on fan sites by others who prefer the fakery.
Ward reportedly retrieved a shotgun from his bedroom and repeatedly implored Williford to leave.
NNA - Favourably inclined towards studying the new initiative for electing a new Lebanese president, Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi, implored leaders during his Sunday sermon at Bkirki "to seriously and responsibly reconsider the issue for, reaching a unanimous decision by them as being genuinely patriotic.
Summary: Prominent local religious and political figures in the town of Wadi Khaled implored officials Tuesday to ensure the protection of the Lebanese-Syrian border.
The SIJC implored Arab-Muslim leaders to support Palestinian steadfastness in the face of criminal Israeli malpractices against Jerusalem amid daily encroachment on the precincts of al-Aqsa Mosque.
Having wrapped up its emergency meeting over the wellbeing of Levantine Christians in Bkirki, the Holy Synod's final statement implored Arab states to assume full responsibility in confronting extremism and fanaticism.