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NEC implores the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to consider this category of poultry farmers'.
'NEC implores the Government through the Joint Tax Board to eliminate all kinds of multiple taxation and VAT on poultry raw materials and products since they are food.
DOG GONE: Gromit is the brains of the duo; DYNAMIC DUO: Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter) implores Wallace and Gromit to catch the floppy-eared monster
The dance, while not a critical success when it premiered, was an entertaining romp, save for the sections where the Fox (with very little to do in the way of real dance steps) implores the Rooster to come down from his perch.
About 50 pages into Accidental Empires, Stephens implores his readers to "finish this book." But we can't help but wonder why we bothered to pick it up in the first place.
Schaefer implores astronomers to design more experiments to detect flashes from stars.
He further implores the personnel to remain focused as they strive to fully develop their potentials in the collective drive to move the service forward.
'I implore you to improve your service delivery to the NAF, without this, you will be failing the system that has invested so much on your training.'
The narrator implores him: "Will you please awake and save us?" Can Nanaboujou bring back what was lost to the waters and forests of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin?
Far from shying away from these things, Kysar implores the preacher to embrace these ambiguities and paradoxes as grist for the preaching mill.
She implores Misgir to dance with her, and as the spring sun turns the silvery, glittery landscape into a rosy, golden glow, she melts to nothingness in his arms.
"Implore your parents, their friends, your friends and anyone you know for leads and introductions," advises Richard V.