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My father, being the patron of the living, was careful to sing and pray and listen to the sermon with exemplary attention, aware that every eye in the little church was on our pew, and at first I tried to imitate him; but the behaviour of my legs became so alarming that after vainly casting imploring glances at him and seeing that he continued his singing unmoved, I put out my hand and pulled his sleeve.
She looked straight into his face, as thought imploring him to spare her, and gave her hand.
Also imploring factions to facilitate Tammam Salam's decision-making task, clerics regretted government ineptness in garbage disposal and attending to people's vital concerns.
Scacchi, 49, has also been enlisting her celebrity pals to pose with dead fish for a poster campaign imploring UK restaurants to only use seafood sourced from sustainable stocks.
Peter's Square for the Sunday Angelus, imploring "all automobile drivers to drive with prudence and responsibility.
In desperation, Lady Tottington also turns to slimy suitor Victor Quartermaine (Ralph Fiennes), imploring him to hunt down and shoot the humungous critter, thereby igniting a fierce competition between Wallace and Victor for the hostess's affections.
The archbishops are imploring Canadian Anglicans "to make it a time of seeking truth together, rather than only defending versions of truth in mutual hostility.
A British lay group, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, has written an open letter to their bishops imploring them to ensure that false doctrine is not taught in Catholic shcools.