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Then they got up on their knees and embraced each other by turns while crying imploringly.
the ideal and immaterial statement of the essence of a unique beauty, a unique world, the invariable world and beauty of Vinteuil, expressed timidly, as a prayer, in the Sonata, imploringly, as an inspiration, in the Septuor, the 'invisible reality' that damns the life of the body on earth as a pensum (archaic for a duty or assigned task according to the OED) and reveals the meaning of the word: 'defunctus,' one who has finished the business of life, is deceased" (67).
Furthermore, the ruling AKP inked deals for procuring missile systems from China despite the fact that our borders are still being protected with Patriots, which it had imploringly acquired from NATO countries.
A child shook his sleeve and looked up imploringly with huge dark eyes.
Two lead singers stood at the front of the stage and addressed the audience imploringly, while the chorus and instrumentalists stood in a line behind them, singing the refrains and performing restrained, tightly coordinated gestures.
Even in one of the most sentimental of the market images, "An Old Woman Baking Pancakes With a Boy", there is a deftly constructed but ultimately inscrutable triad of gazes among the three figures that creates a strange harmony: A boy stares imploringly at an old woman, whose tired eyes seem unfocused and distant, while a cat confronts the viewer with a hungry and unpredictable look of feline mischief.
Gary's voice is imploringly expressive especially alongside Jack's folk-rooted acoustic guitars.
My first opportunity to yell, imploringly, "Get fifth
Finally, he imploringly asks her what they are going to do, and she says, "'I know what I'm going to do'" (133).
Hazlitt links popular consideration to a great variety of comic couples all the way back to Slender and his bittersweet, imploringly romantic but nonetheless forever ineffectual, imprecation "sweet Ann Page" from The Merry Wives of Windsor.
Ever the consummate performer he bestowed his blessings and smiles and thanks as anonymous hands stretched out imploringly to touch the hem of a bespoke Savile Row garment.