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RUDENESS, crim. law. An impolite action; contrary to the usual rules observed in society, committed by one person against another.
     2. This is a relative term which it is difficult to define: those acts which one friend might do to another, could not be justified by persons altogether unacquainted persons moving in polished society could not be permitted to do to each other, what boatmen, hostlers, and such persons might perhaps justify. 2 Hagg. Eccl. R. 73. An act done by a gentleman towards a lady might be considered rudeness, which, if done by one gentleman to another might not be looked upon in that light. Russ. & Ry. 130.
     3. A person who touches another with rudeness is guilty of a battery. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It used to seem a very impolite, not to say a rude, question, for Elisha to ask the woman, but it does not seem so to me now.
There was an impolite and sneering scepticism in his words and manner that secretly pleased most of them at the table, though it seemed to bother Bishop Morehouse.
It was sad to see him corroded with suspicion, and yet not daring to be impolite, in case these well-dressed people were honest after all.
"Don't you find it rather--rather quiet here?" he said; "so far from the street?" Rather "gloomy," he was going to say, but he reflected that that would be impolite.
'Such an one,' said the lama, disregarding the dogs, 'is impolite to strangers, intemperate of speech and uncharitable.
I entertain nothing but the profoundest respect for the king; and if I have been impolite, which might be excused by my long sojourn in camps and barracks, your majesty is too much above me to be offended at a word that innocently escapes from a soldier."
Additionally, Facebook pages '" and 'James is Curly' said they received direct messages containing acquisition requests, CNA reports.
You have to sit grim'n still - no coughing, no talking lest people think you are being impolite'
Impolite behaviour: Individuals should be courteous to others Hashim Noor Image Credit: Supplied
It also ordered that no disabled person should be subjected to harsh treatment or an impolite behaviour by any official.
He also demanded that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senator Mushahidullah Khan apologise for impolite comments against Fawad and his family made on Monday in the House.
Self Defence One must use common sense Whenever it comes to self-defence Be aware of what's going down As trouble comes easy in the town Do not be rude or impolite And do your uttermost to avoid a fight If attacked, reasonable force can be used But self-defence should not ever be abused The trouble may not have been started by you Still be careful what you say or do Driven by drink and likely drugs You could be attacked by a bunch of thugs Yes relax and enjoy yourself but be on your guard To find trouble in the city centre is not too hardGEORGE McLANDERS