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The reality is that people with beards are discriminated against socially - men in white vans can be found shouting rather impolitely at the hirsute about the need to get a shave - and also in employment.
He deliberately defied both gender and class conventions when he sat down impolitely close to Mrs Traill and observed that
For Israelis, the results of Professor Hawking's crisis of conscience has not been so positive, they feel he behaved misguidedly and not a little impolitely in turning down the opportunity to throw in his two pennyworth with the former leaders of Russia and the United States.
Perek is a pejorative term that refers impolitely to women who primarily provide sexual favours to Western men in order to earn dollars and euros).
If security guards aren't told otherwise, their first instinct too often is to place a hand in front of the camera's lens while impolitely telling the cameraperson to get lost.
would remain almost impolitely silent, and would then make amends by furnishing (if he could) some fact or other about the gallery in which the picture was hung, or the date at which it had been painted.
In Chinese, love, desire, sexual interest, and duty are expressed in the following ways: qing2tong2shou3zu2 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'love-same-hand-feet = (the two) are close like brothers' describes the love between siblings as hands and feet; Guan1cai21i3shen1shou3 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'coffin-timber-inside-stretch out-hand = to stretch a hand out from the coffin' refers to someone who views money as more important than life; and mao2shou3mao2jiao3 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'hair-hand-hair-leg = touch someone impolitely and move one's hand on others' body' expresses desire and sexual interest.
El-Zend's opponents, who mainly belong to the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), are attempting to have him charged in the criminal court for 'addressing the President impolitely and for falsely accusing Morsi of treason'.
We're permitted neither the time to mourn nor the freedom to mourn passionately, impolitely, savagely.
At this point I start shouting at the rider, enquiring impolitely why on earth did he or she hold the horse up in the first place?
In Nuremberg, one congregation declined to be directed by this pietistic choir director and another announced that they would impolitely show him the city gate.