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He wasn't too pleased when I impolitely reminded him that his flight-surgeon's office was less than 100 feet away, he had better medications, and they were all free.
Still another spoke of the exasperation she felt when, after trying on a number of different outfits at a clothes store, she went to the counter to pay up and a sales person gestured impolitely for the outfits left in the fitting room to be put back because "it's not my work to do that".
Why do you speak so impolitely with this great nation?
Explained impolitely, the military wing is the wing that kicked Israel's ass out of Lebanon and will keep it out until the political wing can help the Lebanese army do the job and, inshallah (God willing) achieve Middle East peace by returning the true owners to Palestine.
In today's grab-and-serve-oneself-first-to-the-exclusion-of-all-others society, impolitely and hurriedly, we are behaving increasingly like barbarians.
A candid person is, to us, one who tells the truth fearlessly, sometimes even impolitely.
The Ghanaian international was caught by TV cameras while gesturing impolitely towards the opponents, but referee Mohamed Farouk didn't comment on the incident in his report.
With the exception of the Norwegian fund, most of these are based in non-democratic countries that share few of our values, countries that practice a kind of state capitalism which was once termed, rather impolitely, as fascism.
It was quite a heartening image, in that she's eighteen years my senior but can still cut the equine mustard, and went some way to quelling the nagging fear that soon - and never mind illegal age discrimination - stables' owners might politely be saying: "Sorry, madam, you're too old to ride out", or impolitely looking me up and down then snorting: "You've got to be joking
In the in-depth interviews, in contrast, we were told that interaction with providers was poor; the women often felt they were treated impolitely.
I sent him away impolitely and I did not let him speak to me.
The video scene will present a security guard interacting impolitely with a customer in a residential building.