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The first method compares import values and shares before and after competitive need limits are imposed.
The values of exports and imports grew rapidly and at about the same rate, but net exports fell because die initial value of imports was somewhat higher than the initial value of exports.
Meanwhile, import of palm oil came down from US$2.038 billion in financial year 2017-18 to US$1.884 billion in the year 2018-19, showing reduction of 9.57% on year on year basis.
Achieving a reduction of about 10pc in the food import bill in 10 months is good because it has come amidst a foreign exchange crunch.
The telecom import in February 2018 was accounted for $127.38 million against the import of $101.415 million in February 2017 and $133.366 million in January 2018 respectively.
The analysis of the data suggests that all the groups including food group, machinery group, petroleum good, consumer durables and raw materials have witnessed hefty decline in imports during the outgoing fiscal year.
According to trade data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Monday, the tea import however recorded a nominal increase of 0.61% as the country imported $495.957 million worth of tea during first 10 months of current fiscal year while during same period of last year, the tea import stood at $492.966 million.
This incentivized imports but not all could make the season,' Mita President Jesus C.
Of the total imports, 54.5 percent consists of finished products and 45.5 percent crude oil.
'The (energy) import bill would have straightaway increased 22% due to the rupee deprecation, irrespective of the price and quantity of energy imports,' he said
Pakistan State Oil (PSO) Managing Director and CEO Imranul Haque said the rupee had devalued by 22 percent in last seven months and said this was the single biggest factor in the rise of the import bill.
The massive increase in oil and food import bill has pushed the overall import bill to $55.2 billion during eleven months.