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I could give several references to the full acknowledgment of the importance of the principle in works of high antiquity.
But as variations manifestly useful or pleasing to man appear only occasionally, the chance of their appearance will be much increased by a large number of individuals being kept; and hence this comes to be of the highest importance to success.
I believe that the conditions of life, from their action on the reproductive system, are so far of the highest importance as causing variability.
Fentolin," he added, with the air of one making a last effort to preserve his temper, "the mission with which I am charged is one of greater importance than you can imagine.
Oliver, quite elated and honoured by a sense of his importance, faithfully promised to be secret and explicit in his communications.
No nation acquainted with the nature of our political association would be unwise enough to enter into stipulations with the United States, by which they conceded privileges of any importance to them, while they were apprised that the engagements on the part of the Union might at any moment be violated by its members, and while they found from experience that they might enjoy every advantage they desired in our markets, without granting us any return but such as their momentary convenience might suggest.
To acquiesce in such a privation of their due importance in the political scale, would be not merely to be insensible to the love of power, but even to sacrifice the desire of equality.
In those emergencies of a nation, in which the goodness or badness, the weakness or strength of its government, is of the greatest importance, there is commonly a necessity for action.
If happening is gradually disappearing, the relevant new reports will also decrease accordingly, whose importance would reduce.
KABUL (PAN): On the day first of a two-day regional seminar involving economic,political and cultural experts from India,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan highlighted the importance of Afghanistan amongst the South Asian countries here on Tuesday.
The aim of this study is to determine the importance of the competence and competence acquiring levels in the subject matter and subject teaching of the teachers who are graduated from the primary school teaching programmes of the educational faculties, towards the social studies.
Abstract: This study examined perceived competence; ratings of importance of physical appearance, athletic competence, and social acceptance; discrepancy scores; and global self-worth of 43 children with visual impairments.