important event

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She called Varenka at that moment merely in order mentally to give her a blessing for the important event which, as Kitty fancied, was bound to come to pass that day after dinner in the wood.
For instance, Pierre's return was a joyful and important event and they all felt it to be so.
An important event of these years was a long sickness which kept me helpless some seven or eight weeks, when I was forced to read in order to pass the intolerable time.
And he now remembered the important event of the evening before, how his head had got jammed in between the iron railings of the hospital.
To him a visit to the grand conference at Fort William was a most important event, and he repaired there as to a meeting of parliament.
The profession was an important event in his inner life.
The stone stood under the shade of a solitary oak, and might easily be fancied to be a monument erected to commemorate some important event in the lives of our lovers.
Next in event, and a most important event it was to prove, came Nalasu.
Don't attempt to dissuade me, for my fate is fixed: preparations for the important event are already going on around me; and don't say a word against Mr.
The great interest with which the important events lately occurring at the Sandwich, Marquesas, and Society Islands, have been regarded in America and England, and indeed throughout the world, will, he trusts, justify a few otherwise unwarrantable digressions.
This difference in opinion had long been a subject of amicable dispute between them: but, Latterly, the contest was getting to be too important to admit of trivial discussions on the part of Marmaduke, whose acute discernment was already catching faint glimmerings of the important events that were in embryo.
Add these four to the nine others, that would be thirteen days lost--thirteen days, during which so many important events might pass in London.

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