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Historically much the most important feature of Wyatt's experiment was the introduction of the sonnet, a very substantial service indeed; for not only did this form, like the love-theme, become by far the most popular one among English lyric poets of the next two generations, setting a fashion which was carried to an astonishing excess; but it is the only artificial form of foreign origin which has ever been really adopted and naturalized in English, and it still remains the best instrument for the terse expression of a single poetic thought.
Out of this feudal system, which has itself many of the important features of a confederacy, has grown the federal system which constitutes the Germanic empire.
The night-school at Hampton, which started with only twelve students, now numbers between three and four hundred, and is one of the permanent and most important features of the institution.
An important feature, in keeping with fire protection life safety codes, is an electronic magnet that will release a locked door within 15 seconds whenever a force of not more than 15 pounds is applied to the door for not more than 3 seconds.
Bridges linking the two office blocks are organised into neat sets rather than criss-crossing in random fashion as one might have expected, the computer-controlled sunshades beneath the glass roof look straightforwardly functional, and the sloping floor which was an important feature of the original design has been moderated to the extent that it is barely perceptible.
* Attaching documents: An important feature of the intraoffice E-Mail is the ability to attach documents such as a tax return, spreadsheet or research finding to an E-Mail message simply with the click of the mouse.
Damisch wants to explore the epistemological basis of art history, to denaturalize its most cherished assumptions, in order to ask, once again, "What is the truth in painting?" To do so, he concentrates on what he regards as the most important feature of painting in the West, namely the system of one-point perspective system developed in the Renaissance.
475 South Street is located in a park-like setting with parking for more than 850 cars, an important feature for Atlantic Health as it has faced a parking shortage at its busy nearby Morristown Memorial Hospital.
Social support from kin has been discussed as an important feature of family life among Puerto Rican families.
One important feature of a disease transmission model is the insight it provides into how each factor affects disease burden and how the uncertainties and sources of variability inherent in environmental systems affect the resulting uncertainties in policy decision making.
GARDENS top the wish list for people looking for a new home, with nearly a third claiming it is the most important feature of a property, research said yesterday.
"Portal helped us launch Boingo rapidly and offer customers several unique pricing plans -- an important feature in the highly competitive wireless market," said Niels Jonker, vice president, engineering, Boingo Wireless.

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