important station

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There were rumors that a very important station was in jeopardy, and its chief, Mr.
This is a very important station on account of being a pass for horses; and it was, in consequence, for some time the head-quarters of a division of the army.
But one of the Company's steamers had been wrecked, and the Director was busy with the other, relieving very distant and important stations on the main river.
Concerning relations with India, he confirmed that India became important station for the Sudanese exports and imports .
Ironically, a young businessman who, perhaps, possess grand achievements in his pockets, but unfamiliar with the business of 'diplomacy' will be replacing a veteran of Pakistan's foreign service in Washington, a highly important station for countries like Pakistan.
McDowall said this structure helped make Dumfries: it was brought into a close relationship with Galloway and became an important station on the highway between England and Scotland.
Qatar Chamber vice chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari said that Qatar's private sector has been able to play a major role in the economic development, which provides an important opportunity to strengthen investments with the Irish side, especially after Qatar became an important station to attract international investments in many areas.
It will also focus on providing a safe environment for information and drafting suitable policies and legislation, as well as establishing an ethical system for this important station on the world's journey to the future.
tomorrow [that] will be an important station for supporting Lebanon's economy and strengthening its resilience in the face of the refugee crisis #GISL," he tweeted.
He pointed out that Qatar is the most important station providing countries on the Silk Road with clean energy and is the most ready in terms of infrastructure and the environment attractive to investment.
Wali of Haima called on investors and those interested in the tourism sector to invest in the wilayat through the tourism projects waiting by the wilayat due to the existence of nature reserve and its strategic location, which made it an important station for tourists and visitors to Governorate of Dhofar, especially during Khareef season and other visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate, in addition to the existence of the employees of oil companies and the spread of a number of tourism attractions in the wilayat.