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He paid no attention to my explanations, and, playing with a stick of sealing-wax, repeated several times that the situation was 'very grave, very grave.' There were rumors that a very important station was in jeopardy, and its chief, Mr.
This is a very important station on account of being a pass for horses; and it was, in consequence, for some time the head-quarters of a division of the army.
Every evening they said, "To-morrow we shall see the steamer." But one of the Company's steamers had been wrecked, and the Director was busy with the other, relieving very distant and important stations on the main river.
He explained that: Iraq has become, after the victories achieved in various fields, an important station to attract Arab, regional and international and will host during the next month a meeting of Arab parliaments with wide participation.
This important station upgrade will make it safer and easier for people to get to where they need to go safer and sooner.
10, 2019, SPA -- Keen to personally inspect the general situations of pilgrims during performing their most important station of Hajj this year, Prince Badr bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Makkah Region, was seen walking among the crowds of pilgrims to get reassured of what is going on, and if there is any problem that needs his or others intervention.
It was a busy and important station, and looking at the building itself, it's as if it's fully aware of that."
[03/April/2019] SANAA, April 3 (Saba) - The Leader of Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Bin Badr al-Deen al-Houthi, said that Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Leader Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi is an important station, from which we derive the determination and strength, adding that commemoration inspire and enhance our awareness and insight in face the continued aggression.
It began with famous Finnish pianist and conductor Ralf Gothoni's idea, which was welcomed by the Egyptian Opera House to extend this distinctive bridge as an important station for young singers and talented Egyptian musicians to gain international recognition.
"Salalah is a very important station to us as two years ago we started our first flight from Salalah to Muscat and today we are expanding our wings in Salalah.
For a long time, it operated as an important station for Bahawalpur State and the area was one of its sub-tehsils.
The Kuwaiti investment office in Shanghai will be an important station through which Kuwaiti investments will move towards the Asian continent, which is full of promising investment opportunities, Bastaki said.