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Of beetles I collected twenty-five species (excluding a Dermestes and Corynetes imported, wherever a ship touches); of these, two belong to the Harpalidae, two to the Hydrophilidae, nine to three families of the Heteromera, and the remaining twelve to as many different families.
Hooker conceives that, of the plants not so confined, at least 10 species found near the cultivated ground at Charles Island, have been imported.
or 175 excluding the imported weeds) being new, is sufficient, I conceive, to make the Galapagos Archipelago a distinct botanical province; but this Flora is not nearly so peculiar as that of St.
Number of Species confined to the Number of Number of Galapagos species species Number Archipelago Total found in confined confined but found Name Number other to the to the on more of of parts of Galapagos one than the Island Species the world Archipelago island one island James 71 33 38 30 8 Albemarle 4 18 26 22 4 Chatham 32 16 16 12 4 Charles 68 39 29 21 8 (or 29, if the probably imported plants be subtracted.
Rise in Food-Borne Illness Cases Due to Imported Spices:
950 million was imported as compared to the import of 5,740 kg valuing $306.
During the period under review as mush as 46,799 metric tons of tea was imported against the tea imports of 49,242 metric tons during the corresponding period of last year, the PBS data revealed.
Electrical equipment worth SR99 billion topped the list of imported goods followed by automobiles and transportation machineries worth SR73 billion.
A lot of the imported stretch film couldn't be sold," says Randolph Scott, v.
However, over the past few years, sporadic descriptions of imported falciparum malaria in travelers to these destinations have been described (2,3).
For this fiscal year, Indian tire makers are expected to import 60,000 mt of rubber, a 39% jump over the 43,154 mt imported last year.
Under this concept, if goods are imported under a multi-tiered international supply chain, it might be possible to use an earlier transaction in the supply chain as the basis for customs duty.