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750 million imported for domestic consumption as compared the import of 44,449 metric tons worth of US$ 54.
This study aims to estimate how much of imports are used for domestic consumption of Pakistan but to estimate this we have to find the share of imports that are used as intermediate goods for exports and that are invested in the economy we will only then be able to estimate the share of imported goods in total consumption as a residual.
He says a dry-cleaning distributor recently imported printed garment bags from China that smelled so strongly of chemicals from solvent-based ink that the bags couldn't be used.
We describe a new and unusual case of imported vivax-malariae malaria.
These liabilities can accrue as far back as five years under the customs statute of limitations, and, under 19 USC Section 1592, might range from 20%-100% of the imported goods' value, even if the goods are duty free.
While imported castings represented just 7% of domestic demand as recent as five years ago, this figure is expected to rise to 15% in 2003.
just as significant, if not more so, the Customs Service will target that company for intense examination of future shipments, resulting in major monetary costs and delays in delivering imported goods to customers.
goods and services gained some ground in domestic markets last year: The relative price of imported goods rose slightly, as price increases for imported goods just out paced price increases for domestic goods (chart 4).
4682-3T addresses the excise tax on imported products.
Around 33,596 metric tons of dry fruits and nuts imported into the country during the period under review as compared the imports of 18,950 metric tons of same period last year.
Household consumption of durable goods, together with increasing investment in machinery and equipment, will tend to increase demand for imported goods.
The requirements for the imposition of Antidumping Duties on a foreign competitor are that the imported merchandise is being sold in the U.