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Actify Inc, a provider of product data collaboration solutions, announced on Friday (27 March) it has released a round of importer updates and improvements.
Many importers are now looking to supplement their insurance portfolios with product recall coverage.
Radimiro Petucio, a steel importer, says the market position enjoyed by CAP and by Brazilian producer Gerdau, totaling 95% of the domestic market, makes importing rebar difficult.
Because the importers don't want to pay tariffs on a five-year-old computer based on the price of a new one, they often use scrap classifications, measured in pounds, says Robin Ingenthron, acting president of the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association (WR3A), a nonprofit group trying to establish fair trade standards for the practice.
And because we're in the market with fresh products, we can turn around manufacturing a lot faster than importers.
The rules cover how importers must scrutinize foreign buying agents, factories, subcontractors, cargo containers, warehouses and transportation for security weaknesses.
importer Z, it might be possible to use the $100 that Y paid, as opposed to the $130 that importer Z paid, as the basis for customs duty assessment.
Under the curb, a 256% tariff, up from 3%, will be imposed on stone leeks when the combined imports by all the specified importers exceed 5,383 tons.
We thanked the British importers for their participation in this global conservation effort and agreed that we had made good progress.
A firm grasp of specialized sources is necessary, but it is not enough: an inquisitive mind and a healthy dose of perseverance are essential to track down leads to the right importers for your business.
To protect local farmers, Jamaica had said to importers that they must have adequate facilities for transportation and storage of meat to prevent spoilage and to uphold public health standards; importers and workers in the industry should have food-handlers permit and tax compliant certificates, and meat importers must be registered.
Having been in the coffee business for 17 years and having traveled to more than a dozen producing countries, I have learned the value of working with coffee importers.