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But in smaller developing countries, particularly when Importing from cottage-sized crafts-based businesses or small manufacturers, it's often cash-in-advance; without it, many of these vendors cannot even start a project.
If some of your clients do their bookkeeping on a Macintosh computer--and many smaller businesses do--it's probably prevented you from importing their data into your DOS-based accounting software.
Many small and mid-sized firms are using importing to compete in a broader marketplace and increase profit by cutting manufacturing costs.
NextLinx software and Web services solutions combine global trade business rules and country-specific trade data, consisting of denied party lists, landed cost components, import and export controls, and customs duties and documentation, to help companies reduce the risks and costs associated with importing and exporting goods across international borders.
Automatic Composition Import FCP Suite simplifies the previously time consuming process of importing and exporting projects between Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects, by allowing users to seamlessly exchange the media necessary to quickly and accurately recreate projects.
Importing an OMF Composition is Effortless with New Plug-in Suite