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IMPORTUNITY. Urgent solicitation, with troublesome frequency and pertinacity.
     2. Wills and devises are sometimes set aside in consequence of the importunity of those who have procured them. Whenever the importunity is such as to deprive the devisor of the freedom, of his will, the devise becomes fraudulent and void. Dane's Ab. ch. 127, a. 14, s. 5, 6, 7; 2 Phillim. R. 551, 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Instead, the Analects takes the emperor-subject relationship as a similar example with the relationship of friends, as is reflected in "to be importunate with one's lord will mean humiliation.
I think unless I become altogether importunate and aggressive I may never hear more of it!
I write all day long, not that I do myself any real good, but for the time being, it distracts me--not indeed enough, for grief is powerful and importunate; still it brings a respite.
Income and resources, attributed to millions of Pakistan masses, appear to be in importunate deterioration, though the same are in boom and increase on the parts of the political leaderships.
The importunate writer turned out to be Mahesh Dattani, and that was the beginning of a fruitful relationship that led to readings of Dattani's plays in Portland, a role in Artists Rep's production of A Perfect Ganesh and an invitation, through the U.S.
They described the great Doctor Jonathan "pontificating with his customary vigour while surrounded by fawning importunate savants."
The motion will be sometimes importunate against the will, and sometimes immovable when it is desired, and being fervent in mind, yet will be frozen in the body" (14.16).
He snatched it and belaboured the importunate man with it, flung it to the ground and stamped on it.
No marks for the importunate fathead in the audience whose overenthusiastic reactions crashed into the end of the concerto and even worse, the symphony.
She advises a person in that situation to keep his own counsel and tell the importunate relative he's still considering the best way to divide things but all will get their fair share.
However, it is much apparent today that while it is very likely that quick dilution does occur, importunate background contamination does come to pass in the water.
As a result of her new enthusiasm, Larry stopped being importunate; in fact, as far as she could remember he failed take full advantage of her active enthusiasm.