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Ironside is the leitmotif of The Real Shakespeare, footnoted beneath the boards as it were, and mouthing with importunate regularity the voice of the ghost in Hamlet, 'Swear'.
Yet the monotony of Coketown is itself founded on impatience; for the ubiquitous sameness defining the city derives, not from conscious planning, but importunate impulse: "the labyrinth of narrow courts upon courts, and close streets upon streets, which had come into existence piecemeal, every piece in a violent hurry for some man's purpose, and the whole an unnatural family, shouldering, and trampling, and pressing one another to death" ([102] my emphasis).
he wrote, 'She was a Woman of Uncommon Devotion, and in her Importunate Prayers for this her son, she .
Occasional slips in statements about non-Schubertian matters can bring an importunate smile to readers' lips: "the poisoned letter [from Rosamunde] was to recur in another form in Tristan und Isolde and in Gotterdammerung" (p.
Still attractive in spite of twenty years of anxiety and grief during the absence of Odysseus, she is by custom forced to entertain importunate, insolent suitors whom she puts off from year to year by various stratagems.
Stay With Me pivots around a series of secrets Akin has kept from his wife - and the terrible, unspooling consequences those secrets will have on their marriage, and on the life of Akin's importunate brother Dotun.
If your children are importunate, he pokes a gun at them.
The contemporary play stands in marked contrast to the almost-50-year-old play Personal Enemy, in which an innocent young man's life is destroyed by a federal investigator's importunate arrival and smear tactics, a sort of oblique retaliation for an older brother's decision not to be repatriated from the Korean War.
At times, Teachout is given to a rather importunate sort of pleading.
9) Sometimes it is mournful (as in Gober and Chan), sometimes desperate (as in Kessler, Wallinger, and Genzken), but in all instances this importunate quality implies that the entreaty carries the force of accusation as well--an attesting to the violence done to basic principles of human responsibility.
Weigh the importunate nature of being I with a light husk, the grasshopper's, tall storyteller of the Hesperides with hymns to divine Aphasia (for it is she).