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He always seems to be speaking importunately into someone's ear--someone who listens unwillingly, or against whose thick skin even the best arguments rebound.
People are right to notice the unruly liberty of this member, obtruding so importunately when we have no use for it, and failing so importunately when we have the most use for it, and struggling for mastery so imperiously with our will, refusing with so much pride and obstinacy our solicitations, both mental and manual.
But as Justice Souter noted in a concurrence in a recent political question case, "[n]ot all interference is inappropriate or disrespectful, however, and application of the doctrine ultimately turns, as Learned Hand put it, on `how importunately the occasion demands an answer.
Based upon the numerous accounts contrasting the nurse's abilities before and after she became involved with the defendant and, more importunately, the expert testimony analyzing the psychological effects that the relationship had upon her, the court concluded, giving due deference to the jury's assessment of credibility, that its determination that defendant was the proximate cause of the nurse's disability was firmly grounded.
Nevertheless, I beat importunately upon Paul at that place, most ardently desiring to know what St.
Having awakened that morning in bed with one of his female students, he recounts his sly and cowardly exit, his race to the university to give yet another philosophy lecture while hung over, and, finally, his late-afternoon run-in with the weepy young woman who importunately detains him from seeing his real girlfriend, Carmel, whom he hypocritically admires for her "country virtues.