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Leaders frequently importune their charges with lectures about integrity, honor, courage, and other classic virtues of military culture, if not society at large.
Commenting that newspapers are for news, not for philosophical musings, a third editor recommended I importune Reader's Digest.
It works every time, I've never had to argue about it or further importune them.
She advised her that the posters were illegal under the Representation of People's Act as they sought to importune voters on their way to the station.
In contrast to Kane's attempts to importune us into Mamet's corner, the writer himself, quite frankly, couldn't give a damn if we agree or disagree with his take on turning 50, or whether or not we buy into his con.
However, offshoots of the Tambara branch who went abroad achieved some note, Pakistan as champion sire in New Zealand, Sairiya and Importune with Derby victories in Yugoslavia and Australia respectively.
If prayer is a beseeching, a seeking after the hidden heart and face of God, then this peremptory, querulous, insistent demanding, this pounding at your door, cannot be called a prayer--this importune sleeve-tugging while you are distracted, concerned, perhaps, with something more important: holding Earth to its orbit, perhaps, keeping it from careening into the sun; or perhaps you tend another world other than ours and do a better job with that one, where there is nothing like AIDS and your tutelage is gentler and the lessons are easier to learn.
Members of Congress are too nice to their colleagues, too nice to the bureaucrats whose work they are supposed to oversee, and too nice to the lobbyists who importune them and give them money (but not for specific favors, of course).
Four Tempters, representing youthful love of pleasure, yearning for power, desire for the company of wealthy men, and pride as a longing for martyrdom, importune Becket, but he rejects all four and emphasizes his wish to serve the Law of God rather than the Law of Man.
Where American parents threaten to sue teachers, their Japanese counterparts importune them to be more demanding.
beaucoup moins que] La lumiere specifique qu'elle jette sur les reliefs multiples de la societe algerienne, produit les images d'un regard vole nous permettant d'entrer, non sans une certaine reverence, dans l'intimite du passe d'un peuple : [beaucoup moins que] Je m'insinue, visiteuse importune, dans le vestibule de ce proche passe, enlevant mes sandales selon le rite habituel, suspendant mon souffle pour tenter de tout reentendre.
So, with some frequency, I importune HaShem to deal with these dedicated enemies in whatever order of destruction he may choose.