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Police Commissioner Nottingham once again rebutted Blackall by suggesting that it was precisely the colony's inaction, and specifically its lack of laws dealing with brothel keeping, soliciting, loitering, and importuning, as well as an absence of provisions for expelling sex workers from the colony, that were "the underlying reason for this extensive traffic.
As it stands, the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act prohibits soliciting or importuning another person in a street or public place for the purpose of prostitution, an offence that applies to both prostitute and client.
Charest backed down and changed course, adopting the PQ-invented fable of a "fiscal imbalance" and importuning Ottawa to remedy the situation by increasing the province's equalization allowance.
Many of the columns that I write importuning the information industry have an underlying theme: Namely, it is a mistake to place artificial barriers between enterprise and consumer products.
Lobbies cluster around Capitol Hill like ants around an ant hill, scurrying, buttonholing, importuning, occasionally giving testimony, always currying favor to preserve or augment their place in the sun if not their share of all those lovely federal spending goodies threatened of late by the budget-cutters' ax.
What followed was heartening in terms of importuning tax executives to become involved in their professional association.
The reason is less, perhaps, the siren song of Broadway than the frustration of toiling in an environment in which the work is increasingly eclipsed by cap-in-hand importuning of every possible funding source.
This summer, legislation of importuning in public toilets led to closures due to annoyance, assaults, even rape, and those needing them for what was once the only legitimate purpose were left crossing their legs.
After following signs for the picnic area, one is plunged into a world of importuning and homosexual cruising.
The state supreme court on May 15 overturned the importuning law, which made it a first-degree misdemeanor to make a sexual advance toward a person of the same sex if the "offender knows [it] is offensive.
To spur sales of boxed chocolates one supplier is importuning retailers to diversify their selections.