impose a duty

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Such contracts cannot impose a duty since it can actually be fulfilled by the payment of compensation.
One way to encourage low-cost cooperation in the cases depicted by Examples 1 to 5 is to impose a duty of cooperation on the promisee--or a full burden of cooperation, which has a similar effect when he is the only party expected to incur losses--so that if he fails to fulfill his duty, he will shoulder all losses from a breach.
Furthermore, to impose a duty on an adjuster would cause the adjuster to have a conflict of interest.
And while the side deals impose a duty to enforce laws, they contain nothing that would prevent a country from changing or repealing laws if it wanted to.
Imposing a duty on colleges to protect students against crime on campus is logical for the same reason that it is logical to impose a duty on lessors to protect their lessees against crime in their homes: IHEs and lessors alike are best positioned to provide such security.
Finally, if the Shin and Schieszler foreseeability analysis is enough to impose a duty, it would be just as logical for a court to impose duties to prevent suicide on anyone to whom self-injurious behavior is more clearly foreseeable.