impose a lien

See: encumber
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Only in the construction industry are contractors, material suppliers, equipment renters, and laborers given the right to impose a lien on real property without the owner's consent.
As was noted above, although a residence is an exempt asset excluded from calculating Medicaid eligibility, a state can impose a lien on an individual's residence for Medicaid expenses paid, but not if the individual reasonably intends to return home.
Property subject to lien: Under Section 1396p(a)(1)(B), a state must impose a lien on real property owned by an individual who is (1) institutionalized, (2) required to spend down his or her income and assets to receive benefits and (3) is not reasonably expected to return home.
6321, the IRS can impose a lien on any "property" or "rights to property" belonging to a taxpayer who is delinquent in the payment of taxes.
Under the relevant Code provisions, to satisfy a tax deficiency, the government may impose a lien on any of the taxpayer's "property" or "rights to property." Sec.