impose an order

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She was fined EUR50 for allowing her dog to run loose, but Judge Uinsinn Mac Gruairc decided not to impose an order to have the animal put down.
If contact cannot be agreed between the parents, a district judge may impose an order.
Announcing its decision, the GMC's Interim Orders Panel said it considered the case of Dr Kaftan and decided to impose an order of conditions on his registration.
And judges will be able to impose an order even if the defendant is acquitted.
"I'm going to impose an order that's really designed to address your drug issues.
In the process, they reshape our perception of the frame itself and confound our attempts to impose an order on what it is we are seeing.
Cheshire was the only area in England not to impose an order.
Judge Hodson agreed not to impose an order despite claims by Stewart's defence team that naming him would harm his future rehabilitation and impact on his family.
Magistrates decided not to impose an order prohibiting naming his daughter, Estelle, aged four, due to the publicity already attracted by the case.
Magistrates in Lancashire declined to impose an order banning Marie Dalziel - whose hobby is torching cars - from carrying matches on the grounds that her "human right" to smoke would be impaired.
The Examiner asked the court not to impose an order preventing the four teens from being identified but were refused.
The case was delayed after judge Lord Menzies asked for background reports which would allow him to impose an order for lifelong restriction.