impose punishment

See: inflict
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Beijing has promised to impose punishment if there were offenses committed by the crew of the Chinese ship.
"Your role is critical because malicious use of technology cannot be deterred without having a credible capacity to impose punishment for committing fraud, hacking into information systems, stealing data, and disabling computer systems," Silverman confirmed.
Their mandate is to seize suspected criminals, conduct investigations on their activities and prosecute the cases in a court of law, which is the entity with the constitutional mandate to impose punishment.
"Team, conference and league administrators are reticent to impose punishment which disadvantages a team at a time which would have significant economic impacts for a given team," said Dittmore.
6, permits the district court to impose punishment for domestic assault.
The International Basketball Federation or Fiba has an ongoing inquiry on the brawl and is also expected to impose punishment on the guilty players, as well as to the federations of both countries.
Mr Tersoo Orngudwem, SON Director, Product Compliance Directorate (PCD), said eCommerce as an application of the Internet technology was accelerating in its growth and reaching out to the huge market, but that the law was needed to set the standards in commerce, regulate social order, safeguard reasonable consumer expectation in cyberspace and impose punishment for anti-social behavior.
It also called for the release of their children, who were deprived of their freedom without any legal justification and disclosure of their fate, impose punishment of those responsible for this humanitarian crime in addition to forcing the violators to close informal prisons and enforce the law and international treaties with regard to restricting of freedom, detention and accountability.
The department wants to impose punishment and penalties against the identified lecturers under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability (PEEDA) Act 2006.
Dr Qibla Ayaz, chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), said that the body has suggested that the government impose punishment on one-sided divorces.
Therefore, the court must analyze whether the VSOR requirement that Baugh challenges was intended to impose punishment or, if not, whether the statutory scheme is so punitive, either in purpose or effect, as to negate the states intention to deem it civil.
A commission will find those guilty in the failure of the Bishkek CHPP and impose punishment, Head of the Bishkek CHPP Nurlan Omurkul uulu told reporters on January 29.