impose restraint

See: fetter
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While opposing the bill regarding ratifying the foreign agreements from the parliament, federal minister Farooq Naseem said that it is equal to impose restraint on the steps of the government while the opposition opposed the bill regarding enhancing the strength of judges in Islamabad high court.
Accordingly, when the phone inevitably rings because a commander urgently wants to impose restraint, government counsel should question the commander to determine whether Soldier safety, or some other valid administrative purpose, is the primary motivator.
If the judiciary does not judiciously impose restraint on itself, the direction in which things may head would alarmingly resemble judicial tyranny, it concluded.
The CMS Administrator emphasizes, however, that "the application of force to physically hold a patient who is resisting administration of a medication is considered restraint and, as such, may only be used in circumstances that meet the regulatory requirements." Hospital staff may not therefore "routinely" impose restraint, an inherently dangerous intervention, on an incapacitated individual whose legally authorized representative has consented to his or her treatment with medication and authorized the use of restraint.
No, the Government must impose restraint by, at the very least, taxing bonus pools and then clamping down on tax avoidance.
I feel that the situation will not improve until the directors of the entertainments industry impose restraint on their writers and the programmes over a period of many years.
If the central government had power and authority, it could try to impose restraint, although the persistent bloodshed in the Azerbaijan-Annenia conflict shows how futile such efforts could be.
We applaud Gordon Brown's decision to give up a pounds 2,000 pay rise and impose restraint on Cabinet colleagues and MPs.
It would no longer be a question of Congress' right, under the War Powers Act, to impose restraint on military activity in an area where hostilities are "imminent.' The Secretary is charting a course that undercuts the Constitution, which gives Congress alone the right to declare war.
He also stressed that the stance of the Special Rapporteur is not surprising, as arguments are often presented to impose restraints on freedom of expression in the name of religion while highlighting several international conventions that call on countries to adopt legislation that prohibits religious hatred, discrimination, hostility and violence.
An importing country will only impose restraints if it can be established these are hurting similar products in its domestic industry.
Policy inertia, resource limitations, and executive-congressional differences tend to impose restraints on any president's foreign policy.