impose restraint

See: fetter
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No, the Government must impose restraint by, at the very least, taxing bonus pools and then clamping down on tax avoidance.
We applaud Gordon Brown's decision to give up a pounds 2,000 pay rise and impose restraint on Cabinet colleagues and MPs.
I feel that the situation will not improve until the directors of the entertainments industry impose restraint on their writers and the programmes over a period of many years.
Accordingly, when the phone inevitably rings because a commander urgently wants to impose restraint, government counsel should question the commander to determine whether Soldier safety, or some other valid administrative purpose, is the primary motivator.
If the judiciary does not judiciously impose restraint on itself, the direction in which things may head would alarmingly resemble judicial tyranny, it concluded.
As this decision implicates, efforts to impose restraints after-the-fact may be a very tough sell.
Israel has led the efforts to sideline Iran diplomatically and impose restraints on its nuclear program.
In the video, three satyrs attempt to impose restraints that are both agonistic and erotic on one another as they writhe around and through a limousine in New York (two of the satyrs attempt to draw a mark in the condensation on the car's sunroof, while the third acts as chauffeur).
Under the new outline compiled by the LDP's Research Commission on the Constitution, media organizations are asked to voluntarily impose restraints on covering the planned referendum while they are banned from running advertisements on it on television and radio for seven days prior to voting.
While the government will not exercise its eminent domain powers on a whim, legislatures throughout the country are attempting to impose restraints.
That's not the case outside the United States, as European initiatives to impose restraints on journalists in the wake of Princess Diana's death--far more serious than similar efforts in this country--have shown.
Weak infrastructure will continue to impose restraints on the country's growth potential in the long term, while the recent global credit crunch will see the central bank maintain a tight policy bias.