impose upon

References in classic literature ?
This was especially to be remarked if any one attempted to impose upon, or domineer over, his favourite: he was painfully jealous lest a word should be spoken amiss to him; seeming to have got into his head the notion that, because he liked Heathcliff, all hated, and longed to do him an ill-turn.
She evidently considered it proper to show an interest in the general conversation by smiling, but in spite of herself her eyes under their thick long lashes watched her cousin who was going to join the army, with such passionate girlish adoration that her smile could not for a single instant impose upon anyone, and it was clear that the kitten had settled down only to spring up with more energy and again play with her cousin as soon as they too could, like Natasha and Boris, escape from the drawing room.
"My friend, no; I will not impose upon your good nature.
He would not allow the older boys to impose upon me, and would divide his cakes with me.
But he was so soft-hearted that anyone could impose upon him.
But he failed to impose upon the Colonel, and was even far from impressing him with this trumped-up knowledge of bygone days.
We cannot and must not let India be hostage to those who wish to impose upon it a narrow-minded, divisive and communal vision," Sonia said.
Could I impose upon you (or G Wingate) to explain what I should do?
"[Nasrallah] clings to Aoun, but he cannot impose upon Speaker Nabih Berri to elect Aoun, nor impose on MP Sleiman Frangieh to withdraw his candidacy." On a different note, Jarrah denied that the people of Arsal were fleeing the town due to clashes between ISIS and Nusra Front.
It may not be of an enormous financial benefit, but cut the number of councillors per ward to one and at least the public would know they are not alone in feeling the hardship that these cuts impose upon them. which conducted the study said: "It's important daydreams don't impose upon the marriage." TOP 10 DREAM MEN: 1.
'Planning committee is causing damage to our community' * I AM appalled once more at the damage Cardiff council's planning committee is trying to impose upon Butetown.