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While the compelling reason for the imposition of death penalty is heinousness of the crime committed, others believe however that the gravity of the offense should not be the only reason for imposing death sentence as a commensurate penalty.
Words written in 1791 hold true even more today, in times where the powerful are only imposing their views and beliefs on the weaker ones.
This however is not to say that a law imposing a tax cannot be challenged,' says the judgment authored by Justice Isa.
"Yesterday @HRDMinistry I am aware of the draft education policy which emphasizes on imposing Hindi.
During the first two weeks of November, the Food Department in district Abbottabad checked 50 shopkeepers and found 11 as guilty of selling substandard items and overcharging general public, imposing a sum of Rs 64000 as fine on them.
'The district police officer had requested for imposing the ban on rallies and processions as it could cause law and order situation in the district during the elections.
In the European Union and the United Kingdom, retailers were prohibited from imposing a surcharge on consumers for credit and debit card transactions while in Australia, retailers had the right to impose surcharge on customers who paid using the more expensive payment cards such as the credit card, it said.
Bulgaria's Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) imposed the record fine of over BGN 23 M on Bulgaria's state-owned gas supplier Bulgargaz, reports BGNES wire service.A The company was fined BGN 23 377 600 for abuse of dominant position by imposing dishonest commercial practices.A According to complaints of Bulgargaz customers from the Overgaz group and Sofiagaz, the supplier imposed on them contracts, which require them to consume even quantities of gas every day, or they would be penalised by a 10% price increase.
The topic here is interpersonal liberty: the absence of initiated constraints on people by other people; or, more precisely, people interacting voluntarily without constraining, interfering with, or imposing upon each other--except to prevent or redress initiated constraining, interfering or imposing (2012, 58).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The US by imposing unilateral financial sanctions against Iran deprived the American companies of the interests and advantages they could gain from cooperation with Iran, a senior Iranian legislator said.
A classic important example of Wilson's Rule is the fight over the use of credit scores, education, occupation and territory to set auto insurance premiums, which masks the fact that the beneficiaries of regulations against the use of these and other rating factors are a small group imposing a small tax on a far larger majority.
Rushing to impose hard and fast solutions is misguided, and if time permits, imposing a change of pace to the design process can reap long term rewards that have a more harmonious relationship with their locale.