imposing building

See: edifice
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In this square were some pretty trees and a statue in bronze of Glinda the Good, while beyond it were the portals of the Royal Palace--an extensive and imposing building of white marble covered with a filigree of frosted gold.
THE imposing building at the top of Bishop Street which was demolished in November 1959, was never the real Canal House.
The grand and imposing building has a distinctive tower with blockface, and is built into the steep road - with three floors at one end and five floors at the other.
Lawrence's Oxford home is an imposing building with many interesting features with rooms on an impressive scale
The imposing building, which originally stood at the bottom of Ramsden Street, was opened in 1846 as a riding school.
They got a PS300,000 mortgage to buy the imposing building with river views from a water company.
This imposing building sits in heart of the Universitys new Bay Campus and provides a brand new multipurpose venue that can comfortably hold up to 700 people.
The imposing building currently houses beauty salon Serenity and most recently Temple Street Social, which closed down last summer after less than three years in business following a relaunch.
Castle ruins "One can only wonder at the energy and ingenuity required, over 400 years ago, to build such an imposing building.
It's an imposing building, decorated with a full height cast iron Coalbrookdale veranda," said Eurig.
The imposing building has already made its mark but some raised concerns over the steep higher tiers, poor lighting in the aisles and the fact there are no handrails.
The Boys Club was an imposing building from 1930, facing the ever-changing traffic pattern of Lincoln Square and a Great War memorial.