imposing building

See: edifice
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In this square were some pretty trees and a statue in bronze of Glinda the Good, while beyond it were the portals of the Royal Palace--an extensive and imposing building of white marble covered with a filigree of frosted gold.
It stood for 40 years, but now most of the imposing building in Bishop Street has been razed to the ground in a matter of weeks.
The authority confirmed it has formally completed the purchase of the imposing building - the centrepiece of the town's market place.
The imposing building we know today, designed by Henry Clutton, was built in 1877 and still stands as part of the impressive Hope University.
Castle ruins "One can only wonder at the energy and ingenuity required, over 400 years ago, to build such an imposing building.
The imposing building has stood empty for many, many years so it is welcome news that a massive redevelopment is now back on track.
This imposing building can be seen in this picture postcard (above) posted from Birmingham to Herne Bay on 23 October 1905 at 4pm.
It's an imposing building, decorated with a full-height cast iron Coalbrookdale veranda.
It's an imposing building, decorated with a full height cast iron Coalbrookdale veranda," said Eurig.
The imposing building has already made its mark but some raised concerns over the steep higher tiers, poor lighting in the aisles and the fact there are no handrails.
And it still remains an extremely imposing building which just needs some tender loving care.
The Boys Club was an imposing building from 1930, facing the ever-changing traffic pattern of Lincoln Square and a Great War memorial.