imposing building

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In this square were some pretty trees and a statue in bronze of Glinda the Good, while beyond it were the portals of the Royal Palace--an extensive and imposing building of white marble covered with a filigree of frosted gold.
SIGNAGE on an imposing building close to Chester city centre was rejected by an inspector.
by the late Stella Blainey (submitted by daughter Anne McIntyre) Revival THIS is an imposing building Distinct and statuesque It has two ornamental Substantial birds, upon its roof they rest One looks upon the river The other upon the city The building will always be of pride With two other Graces side-by-side Yes, this is the Liver Building Solid, distinguished Renowned around the world Looked upon as long shadows witness As night begins to fall On a world wondering Of this grand stone-carved building As it gazes on a fair city tall by MPB, Sefton
The former deputy prime minister looked unperturbed ahead of yet another round of questioning likely in store for him and even entertained a request from the press to pose for pictures before entering the imposing building.
Committee member Ioana Gordon said: "The Rise is a very distinctive and imposing building with huge character and is an important landmark in Llandaff, Pontcanna and Canton.
One Hedley Terrace resident said: "My home is directly behind Eagle Star House, which is already a very imposing building.
"It's also a very imposing building, and will be a huge loss to Porthmadog.
Imposing building Forthbank House was at the junction of Forthside Way and Shore Road, Riverside - on ground where student flats are currently being built
Very few details have been submitted to the council, however architects' drawings show the exterior of the imposing building preserved.
The then deputy council leader, David Lancaster, intervened at the 11th hour, arguing the imposing building on The Crescent was an important part of the city's heritage.
The imposing building, which sits at the junction of Westgate Road, Corporation Street and Elswick Road, dates back to 1903 and was originally built as a Wesleyan Methodist chapel.
(TAP) - The City of Culture, this imposing building which is the pride of Tunisia should turn Tunisia into a cultural destination par excellence, said Mohamed Zine El Abidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs at a press briefing held Wednesday at the headquarters of the City in Tunis.