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Richard Serra has a story he likes to tell--as he did recently to a group gathered for a preview of this magisterial, museum-quality survey of his works made between 1966 to 1971 mounted at David Zwirner's imposingly soigne new digs on West Twentieth Street--about a formative moment in his life as an artist when, traveling around Europe while on a Fulbright, he encountered Las Meninas for the first time.
Jon and Ygritte's bond seems stronger than ever after they managing to overcome the imposingly icy wall to reach the Seven Kingdoms.
The 400-year-old Portuguese Fort, imposingly situated on a promontory on the easternmost tip of the island, and Fortim do Mar or Pani Kota, a ship-like mini fort sits in the middle of the narrow channel that connects the Diu harbour to the sea.
The survey behind the study, an imposingly detailed 11-page questionnaire sent to more than 5,500 U.S.
"There was only once when I happened to visit the ADJD premises 15 years ago to file some kind of application, and even then, I had found the building imposingly beautiful," he added.
The ancient building, which sits imposingly on a hill, has no roof.
We stopped at the town of Melk for a visit around the abbey which was perched imposingly high above the river and designed as a retreat for the Benedictine monks.
This chronograph features an imposingly sized black PVD-treated titanium case and parts made from racecar materials.
One, imposingly named ' The Ballad of the Titanic' by Swarna Chitrakar is inspired by the James Cameron blockbuster.
Poised imposingly on the King's Waterfront next to Albert Dock, Wilkinson Eyre's new Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) is a major element, in both the physical warp and economic weft of Liverpool's ongoing regeneration.
The paper galleys clock in at four pounds and the title is imposingly simple: The Cold War.
The book's thirteen chapters are grouped into four sections, the titles of which are "Learning," "Composing," "Ideas," and "Art." These labels, both monolithic and imposingly broad, suggest an enforced segregation of aspects that would generally be expected to be inextricably intertwined.