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IMPOSITIONS. Imposts, taxes, or contributions.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The imposition of bill deposit, according to the petitioners, does not promote the interest of the consumers but only profits distribution utilities.
Also, the court held that the imposition of a fine by the appellant, it (LASTMA) acted in a judicial capacity which they are not imbued with under the constitution.
Imposition of sales tax on services of lawyers will also make the lawyers withholding agents for collecting sales tax of litigants and depositing the same with the FBR; which amounts to 'forced labour' which is also prohibited under Article 11 of the Constitution of Pakistan.
The recent price hike has already affected purchasing power of common people and now they cannot afford the price enhancement on commodities as a result of imposition of additional taxes, the added.
Whatever has happened recently, it has happened at an administrative level, it cannot be taken as an imposition," she said.
President of the All Fata Steel Mills Association Mohammad Aslam told protesters that the imposition of FED went against the federal government's policy of exempting all tribal districts from taxes for at least five years following the Fata-KP merger last year.
It reads "The imposition of the penalty of death is hereby prohibited except for crimes specified under Republic Act 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and Section 12 of Republic Act 7659."
They warned that the imposition of 10 per cent sales tax on cotton would destroy the farmer.
(LKI) said the imposition of safeguard duty on cement imports could derail infrastructure projects being implemented both by the private sector and the government with an expected shortage in supply.
The protesters who were mainly youths from the agrarian community kicked against the imposition and ratification of the new traditional head by the state government, saying it was in violation with the customs, tradition and Chieftaincy law of the land.
SRINAGAR -- Indian government has recommended imposition of President's rule in Occupied Kashmir after the expiry of six months of Governor's rule today (Wednesday).
On the World Day Against Death Penalty, opposition Senator Leila De Lima called for a renewed and sustained campaign against the imposition of death penalty in the Philippines.