impossible task

See: impasse
References in classic literature ?
So overpowering did he feel it that he tried even to open the window, but found it an impossible task. The atmosphere seemed to him to be becoming absolutely stifling.
A woman wearing the same kind of clothes as people in other houses wear, told us to go up to the second floor, and she grinned at David, as if she had heard about him; so up we went, David muttering through his clenched teeth, "I sha'n't laugh," and as soon as we knocked a voice called out, "Here we are again!" at which a shudder passed through David as if he feared that he had set himself an impossible task. In we went, however, and though the voice had certainly come from this room we found nobody there.
For them an impossible task. To grapple effectually with even purely material problems requires more serenity of mind and more lofty courage than people generally imagine.
If he asked her to deliver a Latin oration, it would not have seemed a more impossible task to bashful Beth, but there was no place to run to, no Jo to hide behind now, and the poor boy looked so wistfully at her that she bravely resolved to try.
Despite being a mileand-a-half handicap, the draw stat tells us that half of the 22 runners face a seemingly impossible task.
May keeps her job because nobody else is capable, or willing, to take on the impossible task of Brexit.Following her massive defeat in parliament this week over her proposed Brexit deal, I have new respect of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.
The residents have appreciated the efforts of RWMC workers and said that with their untiring efforts an impossible task achieved.
But former Arsenal player Merson reckons the 37-year-old would face an impossible task in trying to mount a challenge to Celtic next term.
The seemingly impossible task has been given to 27-year-old Austrian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger, who will portray the seven-time Mr.
MICHAEL Lanagan (Tuesday's letters) thinks that Brexiteers having won the vote they should now be made to get on with what he sees as the impossible task.
It seems an impossible task, building wealth with small children in the house.
Sadly this is an increasingly impossible task in today's world when central government, local government, NHS and businesses create situations which make you travel further, invariably by car.