impossible to alter

See: ironclad
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Aydintasbas said Erdogan, who has always drawn legitimacy from the ballot box, would have seen it was impossible to alter the result.
Second is immutability, or making ledgers impossible to alter.
"Some judges reject the cases because they say it is impossible to alter a person's male and female chromosomes - even if they had undergone gender reassignment procedures."
Through utilization of this technology, it would enable the regulatory body to improve the security of the energy data published on the platform, as in a Blockchain-based distributed database it is almost impossible to alter the information.
The bitcoin blockchain is open for anyone to read and, for even extreme practical purposes, impossible to alter.
Use Appropriate Tools -- The gold standard in forensic collection is the concept of making it impossible to alter the source data during collection.
By the way, it is often impossible to alter the position of some European scopes.
The system makes it nearly impossible to alter or forge checks from participating companies.
The filibuster is not the only source of that institutional status quo bias, but the other obstacles lie in constitutional arrangements and are nearly impossible to alter. (Of the world's major democracies, the United States has the constitution that is the most difficult to amend.) If liberals are going to make the most of a future majority, they should want to see the filibuster restricted and ultimately eliminated.
Calderwood then said he would have found it impossible to alter his status from interim manager to full-time boss because Killie's budget would have been too low for him to make a proper go of it.
"Listed buildings are often impossible to alter because of the level of protection.
The introduction of compulsory microchipping would enable lost or straying dogs to be reunited promptly with their owners, meaning fewer dogs are put to sleep at council pounds, as well as permanently identify a dog in such a way that is virtually impossible to alter or remove.