impossible to better

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Perhaps its biggest misfortune, much like the prequel Star Wars trilogy, is that it is practically impossible to better what came before it and is a lesser work by comparison, which really is no fault of its own.
He was rewarded with a knighthood by his most famous patron, Charles I, and the sense that it would be impossible to better Van Dyck as a portrait painter was universally recognised and remarked on not only by his contemporaries but also his successors.
And while Laudrup has led the tributes to his team for managing it again in their top-half triumph this term, he concedes it would be almost impossible to better.
Those who thought it would be impossible to better Guardiola's era were short-sighted.
The success of the inaugural campaign, 100 Apprentices in 100 Days, in 2011 had been so resounding that we feared it would be impossible to better.
Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and John McEnroe all believe it is virtually impossible to better the stomach churning drama served up on Centre Court by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.
For Moor Green striker Neil Davis, it was always going to be a mission impossible to better his first playing experience of the FA Cup.
That was one of the highlights for Pete, as well as the club, although their outstanding achievement in lifting the Premier One crown eight times in the past nine years is a phenomenal feat and one that'll be almost impossible to better.
It was a line-up that was almost impossible to better, but Mac wanted Viva Glam IV to be hotter, louder and fiercer than ever.
I suppose when a horse wins a race like the English National it is impossible to better that - unless you win it again but that's what Papillon's aim will be again and hopefully he'll win that.
Fox may find it fiscally and politically impossible to better distribute any accumulating wealth through improved government social services.