impossible to break

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This indifferent, if not hostile, attitude on William's part made it impossible to break off without animosity, largely and completely.
I conceive that with English spurs, the slightest touch of which pricks the skin, it would be impossible to break in a horse after the South American fashion
The 22-year-old striker, who was acclaimed by Ryan Giggs as one of the best finishers he had ever seen, has found it impossible to break through the ranks at Old Trafford.
The hickory handle is tough and almost impossible to break.
One can unlawfully confine someone's freedom, but it's impossible to break the will
As Chancellor Philip Hammond recently discovered when he sought to increase National Insurance contributions for the self-employed, it's all-but impossible to break a manifesto without suffering an almighty political penalty.
Ang also recalls the values his grandmother had passed on to them: One chopstick can easily be broken, but it would be impossible to break a bunch of them tied together.
The Fall Guy has the quality of a dream that follows its own terrible logic, impossible to break free from, never to be forgotten after you wake up.
He stated even though the flows of illegal aliens along the route kept on rising, IOM conceived it was not impossible to break the cycle of irregular migration, detention and deportation.
THE troika of Australia, Germany and the Netherlands have dominated men's hockey to such an extent over the last few decades that other teams find it well nigh impossible to break their stranglehold.
The toll of injured nationwide is rising by roughly 25,000 each month, the WHO official said, adding that it was impossible to break down that figure between combatants and civilians.
29 -- Motorola has claimed that its latest Android offering - The Moto X Force, will come with a screen that is impossible to break, no matter how many times you drop the phone.