impossible to break

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This indifferent, if not hostile, attitude on William's part made it impossible to break off without animosity, largely and completely.
I conceive that with English spurs, the slightest touch of which pricks the skin, it would be impossible to break in a horse after the South American fashion
THE troika of Australia, Germany and the Netherlands have dominated men's hockey to such an extent over the last few decades that other teams find it well nigh impossible to break their stranglehold.
The toll of injured nationwide is rising by roughly 25,000 each month, the WHO official said, adding that it was impossible to break down that figure between combatants and civilians.
After buying many beds over the years Chloe's parents, Rebecca and Jason, now have no option but to buy their daughter a special bed which is impossible to break, meaning Chloe can sleep safely at night and reduce her risk of injury.
Before Saturday, injured Boks captain Victor Matfield said it was almost impossible to break down Wales' defence "because it always seems to match what you bring".
He reckons the 29-year-old will go on to rack up a record that may be impossible to break - and is also convinced Rooney will hunt down Charlton's tally of 249 goals for Manchester United.
D from Stanford University, she teaches Black Women professionals and entrepreneurs of all facets, how to defy their impossible to break the million-dollar mark on their own terms.
She came back at the end of the session, and as the Senate fell into pandemonium, she waved for permission to speak and found it almost impossible to break through.
I believe that many of the bank's fees are disproportionate and I am finding it almost impossible to break out of the cycle of charges.
As recently as 15 years ago, it was believed to be theoretically impossible to break this barrier,'' said Nobel committee member Claes Gustafsson.