impossible to calculate

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The effects of which movement it is impossible to calculate. I shouldn't wonder if it might have already given rise to the painfullest mistakes even in the neighbours' minds, not mentioning (if such a thing was possible) my little woman.
Because such a declaration as Clennam's, made at such a time, would certainly draw down upon him a storm of animosity, rendering it impossible to calculate on forbearance in the creditors, or on unanimity among them; and exposing him a solitary target to a straggling cross- fire, which might bring him down from half-a-dozen quarters at once.
Moreover, the manner in which these games had been won suggested that Stockfish's evaluation of strategically complicated, materially unbalanced situations with conflicts all over the board -- "fuzzy" positions you might say in which the exact evaluation is impossible to calculate (even for Stockfish) and will only become clear in 20 or 30 moves -- was rather less stellar than the rest of its amazing play.
'It is almost impossible to calculate the amount of damage to emotions the Baba and Yeye Osun are going through, hence, in my view, it is better to preserve the wrest and maintain status quo.
"Game of Thrones" is available in over 150 countries worldwide, but HBO said viewing data is not easily retrieved in many of those markets, making a global figure impossible to calculate.
Wells Fargo analyst David Maris believes the lawsuit by 44 states against 20 generic drugmakers will weigh on generic drug stocks this week and remain an "overhang issue for some time." Actual penalties and damages are impossible to calculate, but could be material, Maris tells investors in a research note.
But, the consensus view was that it was almost impossible to calculate the amount of losses in a war.
Damage to property and the natural ecology, including some of the world's most productive farmland, would be essentially impossible to calculate.
The maths in the Commons makes it impossible to calculate what might happen next.
Withholding that number will make it impossible to calculate the average selling price of phones, another key measure.
Without the concept of units, tens, hundreds and thousands, it will be impossible to calculate or perform the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.