impossible to calculate

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The effects of which movement it is impossible to calculate.
Because such a declaration as Clennam's, made at such a time, would certainly draw down upon him a storm of animosity, rendering it impossible to calculate on forbearance in the creditors, or on unanimity among them; and exposing him a solitary target to a straggling cross- fire, which might bring him down from half-a-dozen quarters at once.
It is probably impossible to calculate the effect such great losses have had on the church's ministries and outreach, since some of the restructuring of the church in the United States has simply resulted from shifts in population from old centers of Catholic life in the Northeast and Upper Midwest to the South and Southwest.
It is impossible to calculate the harm and damage you may have caused to those who trusted you or were in your care.
Meanwhile, an associated problem is that countless roads, other than the motorways, remain an all too visible comfort and safety hazard -- and the damage done to private and public transport is impossible to calculate, but it must run into really substantial costs for virtually every vehicle owner.
Nevertheless, experts caught the crony company red-handed and stated that it is impossible to calculate the results of a poll only 24 hours after the questionnaires were administered.
Mr O'Brien's lawyer Michael Cush said the damage to his client if the broadcast went ahead was impossible to calculate.
Jimmie added: "It's impossible to calculate the number of people Tom introduced to the splendours of the Scottish countryside.
And it is truly impossible to calculate how many lives have been changed for the better thanks to his generosity and deep humanity.
This makes it practically impossible to calculate a universally applicable value independent of the surrounding conditions.
However, the rewards of even a few weeks in a caring group home are impossible to calculate, both in terms of sobriety and the restoration of basic human dignity.
But, even so, the odds of Tyrone Dobbs and Peter Barlow being the objects of obsession for two of Weatherfield's most desirable young women seem impossible to calculate.