impossible to change

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And most importantly, it is impossible to change the situation in a large part of the Russian Federation only through the efforts of the government and ministries.
FISCAL POLICYMany people have the right training, but factors such as high house prices, family and social ties and regional differences in the cost of living make it difficult and sometimes impossible to change location in order to get a new job.
Our animals are used to getting these injections and it's impossible to change their behaviour overnight or immediately create natural conditions to increase milk production,' spokesman of Karachi Dairy Farmers Association explained.
Until changes were brought in the foundation of judicial structure, it was impossible to change the remaining upper structure.
It's nigh on impossible to change things so drastically and so quickly, which is why De Boer's situation reminds me of the Wyclef Jean song 'Gone Till November.
Nowadays, however, he explained, Muslims seem to be following the maxim 'Don't confuse us with the facts' and it is impossible to change beliefs which they have assimilated over the last few generations even by presenting them with facts from their own sources.
impossible to change your fingerprint or iris image.
During his pre-match press conference, Di Matteo said: "It's impossible to change the past.
Throughout Samenow's 40 years of experience dealing with criminals, he has always maintained the premise, "We are as we think," and that it is impossible to change who someone is without changing their frame of mind.
It's impossible to change a person's personality, but I think you can speak up if arrangements don't suit you without turning it into a battle of wills.
It's impossible to change my mind, you can ask my husband.
However, it is unlikely that fewer people will suffer from allergy problems as this is associated with the weather which is impossible to change.