impossible to explain

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It was impossible to explain all this to Philip and he was sobbing still.
It is from Emerson, but I'm afraid you haven't quite grown up to it, Rebecca, and it is one of the things impossible to explain.
It would be impossible to explain to Eleanor the suspicions, from which the other had, in all likelihood, been hitherto happily exempt; nor could she therefore, in her presence, search for those proofs of the general's cruelty, which however they might yet have escaped discovery, she felt confident of somewhere drawing forth, in the shape of some fragmented journal, continued to the last gasp.
What he really needed to know was how you sit on the water without sinking, and they said it was quite impossible to explain such an easy thing as that.
Under these circumstances it is, I believe, quite impossible to explain th transportal of these gigantic masses of rock so many mile from their parent-source, on any theory except by that o floating icebergs.
Otherwise, it is impossible to explain how the people of the neighborhood so soon became aware of the girl's presence.
At first, it was impossible to explain, on account of the orphan's
But that's impossible to explain too, at least in a few words.
Once various damaging "facts" and statistics have been absorbed by the public, activists find it almost impossible to explain away the lies.
This can be seen from the standardization of certain writing habits, most notably the abandonment of a specific graphemic constituent, the upward vertical wedge, a seemingly small reform, but one that is almost impossible to explain if one does not posit uniform scribal training.
Many of those tracks have characteristics that are just about impossible to explain unless the animal was underwater," Brand told SCIENCE NEWS.
It is impossible to explain the dimension of professionalism that someone like her brings to EWM.