impossible to measure

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Then from the bottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossible to measure, he saw appear, first the head, then the shoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightly into his cell.
While it is impossible to measure the returns on the investment on HEC in a short period of time, careful and ongoing analysis is always required to ensure that the system continues to move forward in the right direction.
his Really immeasurable, in that it is impossible to measure - both emotionally or financially - the amount of lives saved out social from going off the rails.
And while virtually any party would claim to achieve these things in office, it is impossible to measure these things, and that is why Miliband is saying them.
Without strategic directions from campus leaders, it becomes impossible to measure anything beyond the "vanity metrics" (followers, likes, etc.
About mySkin mySkin's dermograph(TM) is the world's first transdermal skin consultation system that analyzes skin along various dimensions like moisture, texture, elasticity, luminosity, and discoloration, all of which indicate the overall health of skin and are variables nearly impossible to measure with the naked eye or from simple photography.
It's impossible to measure the gravity of Gross' threat, but it's clear he is essential to any detente between Cuba and the United States.
The apparent movement of the sun across the firmament is nearly impossible to measure with the naked eye, but human cultures have nonetheless used the changing quality of light to quantify time for millennia.
The prejudice and hatred running free We would have a day Which would be gentle and kind With only peaceful and pleasant thoughts Running through our mind We would not be able to judge people By the colour of their skin Because we wouldn't see their 'racism' That lies within Yes if we were all 'Blind for a Day' We could help each other along the way Removing all thoughts of racism and hatred from our mind This allowing us all to be gentle and kind by Billy Chart, Bootle Friendship is a bond for life A bond which should not be broken And every effort should be made To secure that bond No matter how harsh a word is spoken For your friendship is something I will always treasure The value of which is impossible to measure by Billy Chart, Bootle
It is impossible to measure the communicative ability with any accuracy below 10, and as language is infinite, the GSE does not report beyond 90
It is impossible to measure, at this stage, the ongoing negative, longer-term implications for both the physical and emotional welfare and dignity of our pupils.
For countries in the grip of transition, or groups seeking to reinforce their identities or create new national narratives, high-level sports can, and historically frequently have, been an unlikely focal point, with impossible to measure but unmistakable political ramifications.