impossible to measure

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Then from the bottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossible to measure, he saw appear, first the head, then the shoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightly into his cell.
And Anne, who gave her a second chance at life, said: "It's impossible to measure our friendship.
Without a process it is impossible to measure how the combined effort of sales and marketing contributes to the bottom line.
This is a major problem that makes it almost impossible to measure accurately temperature by optical means if the material surface is non-uniform.
Continued use did improve the appearance and tone of skin, but the promise of improved tolerance is impossible to measure.
Manual skip tracing campaigns are virtually impossible to measure.
Hosted, broadcast-technology providers fail to provide this metric to their clients, making true productivity gains impossible to measure in real time.
Without these tools it is impossible to measure how marketing contributes to sales success or how the combined effort contributes to the bottom line.
While it's impossible to measure all the positive impacts FPL Group has experienced from FPL-WELL, a Hewitt Associates report, which annually examines health care costs nationwide, indicates FPL Group has experienced smaller increases in health care costs when compared to other companies.
With their unequalled performance, Keithley measurement tools enable nanotechnology researchers to observe phenomena that were impossible to measure just a few years ago.
High common-mode voltages can make it impossible to measure the signal in a non-isolated data acquisition system and can even damage the system.