impossible to overcome

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'We must bear in mind that illegal drugs is a tough opponent that is impossible to overcome if there is no cooperation,' he stressed, adding that President Rodrigo Duterte cannot win the war against drugs if he is left alone.
The US deliberately plunged the INF Treaty into a crisis that was almost impossible to overcome in order to cover its actions.
But how do we live the good life when we are up to our neck in troubles that look impossible to overcome? We can start by asking ourselves a simple question: Do we normally see the cup as half full or empty?
But German scepticism over France's ability to deliver "was impossible to overcome", Shahin Vallee, an economist and a former adviser to Macron, wrote in the Guardian.
Phoenix gunner Matthew Wright is adamant the 0-2 deficit is not an impossible to overcome for his talent-laden and brave teammates.
Getting the product to be relevant is challenging but not impossible to overcome. However, the people side of things is usually the most difficult, he added.
It is the need of the hour that the state shows flexibility and holds genuine engagement with the leadership of PTM before the divide becomes so great that it becomes impossible to overcome it.
Geoffrey Blainey (1966) first coined the phrase tyranny of distance to express the idea that a negative geographic position is difficult to minimize and impossible to overcome in full extension.
That last hurdle - whether it be in the Premier League or FA Cup - has proved impossible to overcome.
"Women who believe that sexual desire levels remain the same may feel that challenges with sexual desire, such as low sex drive, are impossible to overcome and therefore they try to avoid or ignore the problem," said Siobhan Sutherland, the study's lead author.
"No obstacle is impossible to overcome - I will believe, always," he said.
All mainstream insurance products supported and bundling enabled: From traditional life, general, and health insurance, to contextual or scenario-based micro or even nano insurance products available for fast adjustment and bundling across all 'boundaries' that used to be impossible to overcome