impossible to overcome

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From my point of view, it is impossible to overcome the technological gap, if we do not solve a number of key issues in the intellectual sphere, in which we have already filled a certain number of cones, so to speak.
No obstacle is impossible to overcome - I will believe, always," he said.
But it is not impossible to overcome the presumption of innocence by carefully weaving a chain of circumstances pointing to the guilt of the accused as shown in this case.
There's a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome," (https://twitter.
Without the government's assistance, it seems impossible to overcome the havoc that the flood had wrecked in the area," Rahman told dpa by phone.
Midway through the second period, the Lame Ducks already trailed 5:0 and that gap proved impossible to overcome despite a late rally by the desperate Ducks.
Airbnb, in contrast, has been quietly overhauling its hiring practices to attract more women - proving that it is not impossible to overcome the gender imbalances prevalent in Silicon Valley.
The profound and diversified experience and expertise of the Zubair SEC team of advisors was the source for their ability to see beyond difficulties that I saw as impossible to overcome.
When Mr Crouch was recruiting overseas students, I'm sure he would have conceded that a 10-15% price disadvantage would have been just about impossible to overcome.
Although Susilo was faced with dire circumstances which seemed almost impossible to overcome, her dreams were one day reignited when a friend informed her about a scholarship programme being offered to students in her province.
The singer along with influential guitarist Squire had once been touted as the next Lennon/ McCartney, but their legendary falling out seemed impossible to overcome.
On top of the totem pole with 49 points, Morales' advantage will be impossible to overcome even if his challengers win the fifth and final lap of the race.