impossible to reverse

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Often there are no consequences for them if their allegations prove to be without foundation, whereas the reputational damage to the organisation or individual may well be impossible to reverse.
The expert said that four years of civil war in Syria had caused untold destruction that would be difficult if not impossible to reverse.
The study addresses concerns by weight-loss experts that when instant gratification, or addictive-type food involvement, becomes entrenched in the brain, it may be nearly impossible to reverse.
Cells starved of oxygen and nutrients for six hours are compromised and the process of dying is nearly impossible to reverse.
Scientists have suspected that, once unhealthy food addiction circuits are established, they may be hard or impossible to reverse, subjecting people who have gained weight to a lifetime of unhealthy food cravings and temptation.
The objectification of our youth creates such serious mental health issues and our desensitization to these issues, especially to violence towards women, may be impossible to reverse if we don't change how images are presented in the media and advertising.
Some Labour MPs and unions, including Easington's Grahame Morris, a member of the Health Select Committee, have warned the deal will allow businesses to force future governments to privatise NHS services, by giving them the right to take the Government to court if it refuses, or make it impossible to reverse privatisation which has already taken place.
Sabdarat, who represented Midcot, had earlier affirmed in press statements that it would be impossible to reverse the decision of the arbitration tribunal.
Secondly, there are many people (myself included), religious and non-religious, who believe that homosexual relationships will, in time, be seen to be damaging to society, in the same way that a number of other life-styles are damaging to society: unfortunately, by then it will be all but impossible to reverse the process that has formalised such relationships both as civil partnerships and gay marriage.
What is almost impossible to reverse is the dominance of English law in international transactions, whether it's a Shariah-compliant transaction or not.
1) Once the muscles atrophy, it is very difficult if not impossible to reverse the process.
It is patently impossible to reverse the rotation of the Earth, Morrison says.