impossible to reverse

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"Anyone who believes that we can have a plan that everyone accepts immediately does not understand this conflict, so we are quite ready for a very difficult launch and impossible to reverse."
The streetcar rail shares street space with automobiles, so it's impossible to reverse direction.
Although its government started to ease enforcement of the "one child" policy, it is almost impossible to reverse the trend of declining fertility rates as countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea have experienced.
During that period, he may make innumerable decisions on behalf of the United States and within the Justice Department many of which may be difficult or impossible to reverse after the fact.
RTC decisions have the more plebeian goal of presenting facts so airtight it would be impossible to reverse narratives if appealed.
We've got 12 years to clean up our act or the damage we've already done will be impossible to reverse and disaster awaits.
But once the windfalls are continuously realised over time, contends Professor Katz, then it is nearly impossible to reverse the trend.
The damage that it causes is almost impossible to reverse.'
Unless we take dramatic steps now to help people adapt to changing technology, it'll be impossible to reverse massive trends in rising inequality for the rest of the 21st century."
A recent crisis in Argentina is a good reminder of how a sudden collapse in investor confidence is almost impossible to reverse. A drastic increase in domestic interest rates from 27.25 per cent to 40pc remained insufficient to discourage investors from selling peso (Argentina's currency).
Once major organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union and others admit Palestine, it is next to impossible to reverse such decisions.
Without a socio-political cohesion via integralism, it is rather impossible to reverse the socio-economic decomposition of Russophone and Eastern Europe.