impossible to reverse

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Once major organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union and others admit Palestine, it is next to impossible to reverse such decisions.
THE extent of the damage caused by the hepatitis C virus is beginning to be revealed as a public health disaster that is impossible to reverse but that can be halted.
Without a socio-political cohesion via integralism, it is rather impossible to reverse the socio-economic decomposition of Russophone and Eastern Europe.
Moscow hopes that the ceasefire regime in conflict-torn Syria will become impossible to reverse, the official noted, adding that the Syrian opposition sees Russia as a partner ready for a dialogue.
In an interview with Rossiya 24 channel on Saturday, Lavrentiev said that Moscow hopes that the ceasefire regime in Syria will become impossible to reverse and that fixing the de-escalation areas would lead to stabilizing those areas.
Another part is the toxic special-interest politics that has made it impossible to reverse those incentives.
Although some environmental issues, such as air pollution, can be resolved, it's almost impossible to reverse harms inflicted upon exhausted and depleted soil and water resources.
The medic explained that the procedure - where the fallopian tubes are cut or tied - is impossible to reverse.
On the other hand, methinks the anti-Marcos lawyers knew all along it was next to impossible to reverse the Court's 9-5 vote against them.
In this regard, the whole category continued to record a negative performance, as it was impossible to reverse the downward trend that started in 2013.
Bitter, protracted litigation may transform 'reasonable' alignment with one parent into outright rejection of the other, and some cases of severe alienation may be effectively impossible to reverse during childhood.
The expert said that four years of civil war in Syria had caused untold destruction that would be difficult if not impossible to reverse.