impossible to translate

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Silva said: "It's impossible to translate this into words, a unique moment in our lives.
Dr Zoe Skoulding, who directs the festival, said: "Sometimes it is said that poetry is impossible to translate, but translation itself can be an exciting creative act that brings different cultural perspectives together in new ways.
The precision and poetry of German, especially the compounded terminology of German science, is difficult to describe and often impossible to translate into English.
Without motivated and committed individuals who adhere to good work ethics at all times, it would be impossible to translate the aforesaid national goal into reality," he said at Telecom's year end function and 2011 Performance Awards last week Friday.
While we hear public officials in Washington talk a lot about getting the waste out of the federal budget, too many believe that gridlock makes it impossible to translate words into deeds.
Doesn't this make it very difficult or impossible to translate that concept into practice?
Teer Enta" is shockfull of pop culture references impossible to translate outside the borders of this country.
He constructs systems of signification that are totally rigorous but impossible to translate into anything resembling our everyday language.
It is impossible to translate without chewing on the meaning behind the words and then struggling awkwardly to re-express those concepts in a different language.
Funny that, because what I find impossible to translate are Andrei and Yulia's tracksuits.
Meanwhile the snappily-named cafe Blas Mwy, almost impossible to translate accurately, but which suggests that you might well come back for more, occupies an oasis of calm bathed in soothing music.