impossible to understand

References in classic literature ?
In verse 20, Zarathustra makes yet another attempt at defining his entirely anti-anarchical attitude, and unless such passages have been completely overlooked or deliberately ignored hitherto by those who will persist in laying anarchy at his door, it is impossible to understand how he ever became associated with that foul political party.
Indeed," said Albert, "it is exquisite; it is impossible to understand the music of his country better than Prince Cavalcanti does.
But it is so difficult, and even impossible to understand, that surely I am not to be blamed because I could not fathom the incomprehensible?
It's impossible to understand American history, and even American society today, without a deep understanding of slavery in America.
It is impossible to understand how two people were able to injure three officials and kill another before fleeing the scene while all four of the policemen were armed,did the police not have bullets in their weapons?
In a Friday interview with MBC Masr TV host Sherif Amer on the " Yahdoth Fi Masr " (Happening in Egypt) talk-show, Galal, bursting into tears, saying that the nature of people who are behind such horrendous acts is impossible to understand.
IT'S impossible to understand the motivation behind the Manchester Arena bombing.
It is impossible to understand the dynamics--and growth--of the direct-to-consumer shipping channel without appreciating the macroeconomic context.
Never argue with women, never tell them that they are wrong, and women are impossible to understand.
The judge said: "It is impossible to understand how one human being could do such things to another.
He said: "It is impossible to understand how one human being could do such things to another and in the process you visited misery beyond measure on those whom Yiannoulla was and is so dear and which will never leave them.
LEICESTER Mercury chief football writer Rob Tanner believes the Foxes' title success is almost impossible to understand after they shocked the world to win the Barclays Premier League.