impossible to withstand

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Jason knew that it would be impossible to withstand this blood-thirsty battalion with his single arm, but determined, since there was nothing better to be done, to die as valiantly as if he himself had sprung from a dragon's tooth.
Palace pumped balls into the box all evening yet Villa stood firm, even when the pressure looked impossible to withstand.
Although the gregarious 44-year-old admits that he occasionally yearns to get away from the prying eye of the paparazzi, he would find it psychologically impossible to withstand years of enforced isolation.
Hervey, the visiting Earl of Bristol: "My first objection was to the fact itself, but of this there are so many eyewitnesses, it seems impossible to withstand their evidence.
And unless Ramos can prove he is the leader he believes he is over the next month, then the reality is that Levy's support will come under the sort of strain that might be impossible to withstand, no matter how much loyalty he wishes to show.