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The SEC also found Kapa to have employed a Ponzi scheme, an investment program that offers impossibly high returns and pays investors using the money contributed by other investors.
Another film at the festival with showcasing Taiwanese talent to audiences is the production 'An Impossibly Small Object' by Dutch filmmaker David Verbeek.
A great actor, smart, cosmopolitan, impossibly handsome & w/a name that was often confused w/mine.
"The plots became so impossibly obscure that even professional writers couldn't figure out what they were about; and the action scenes, which are supposed to make the adrenaline run, go on far too long."
bar impossibly Yes, as if getting married in Norway to a Norwegian wasn't nerve-wracking enough, I chose to deliver half my speech in my better high half's native tongue.
Hotel Beirut- 15 tracks inspired by an impossibly cool attitude.
The cheerleaders and popular girls are all impossibly beautiful, the jacks impossibly handsome, and all the girls' names start with "M." Otherwise, the town seems dead, with boarded-up businesses and empty streets.
Paul as an idealist who was willing to set the bar impossibly high rather than lower his standards to match his abilities.
It also sends out a terrible message to young girls, who get so upset and frustrated by trying to look like these impossibly glamorous stars.
BEOWULF, based on the movie of the epic poem, is ultra-violent, with truly extravagant boss fights and an impossibly macho eponymous hero.
Openers Last Leaf and Vapour Trail are nondescript but Persson beguiles on Black Winged Bird, Hannon hams it up for an impossibly lush Aliens and Hannigan is suitably fragile for specially-written Rice song Needles.