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Another film at the festival with showcasing Taiwanese talent to audiences is the production 'An Impossibly Small Object' by Dutch filmmaker David Verbeek.
bar impossibly Yes, as if getting married in Norway to a Norwegian wasn't nerve-wracking enough, I chose to deliver half my speech in my better high half's native tongue.
They are impossibly tall, impossibly thin--just the right shape for Krajecki's astounding new line of denim--long, straight-legged jeans with braided waist-bands, dyed deep blue and tailored with precision.
Yale University Press has produced many beautiful books, but this one is spoiled not only by Tafuri's impossibly impenetrable writing, but by the many dim, hopelessly distorted, and often fuzzy black-and-white photographs of which the most horrible are those of the circular courtyard of the Palace of Charles V at Granada (104), Granada Cathedral (114, 118, 119, 120), and the great chapel in San Salvador at Ubela (123): they should have been rejected out of hand and decent photographs commissioned.
The end results are well made, impossibly stylish and truly one-of-a-kind.
He is impossibly unaware that Heaven has favoured Catholics with Eucharistic miracles, incorruptible bodies, and continuing visitations from Jesus and Mary.
Then there is Twist, a pliable wishbone, legs swiveled and impossibly contorted and crowned by a hair-covered skull, a tangled mask obfuscating the figure's identity.
Professional chefs have an impossibly difficult job--people just don't do that for the money," he explains.
00) blends sword and sorcery with fantasy as it tells of one Manfred, a prince, who must brave a rugged winter world to recover a relic which is, impossibly, missing.
But the author's view seems almost impossibly idealistic in a business environment preoccupied with compliance and competition, where fanciful and speculative thinking rarely seems like a good use of time, in fact, it seems like the epitome of ivory-towerism.
He also warns against paying deposits before the work begins, adding that unscrupulous operators will sometimes quote impossibly low estimates, take the deposit and run with the money.