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We're pushing the proverbial envelope to ensure that residents will be able to afford long term care and nursing home operators will not be driven out of business by impossibly high insurance premiums.
It almost seems as if the bureaucratic hurdles were set impossibly high so as to keep the LAPD perpetually leashed.
The academic workload is impossibly hard, but Cody is reassured that he doesn't need to do anything at all other than be willing to get in the pool.
The green of the text piece is impossibly optimistic, like neon signs from the '50s.
Up the street, Somerset Maugham's fascinating The Constant Wife is being revived with the much underappreciated Jenny Seagrove in a tour-de-force as a 1926 society wife who handles her husband's infidelity in an impossibly civilized way.
Like the classical Japanese garden (Stein was much influenced by travels in Japan), the courtyard has a static, dreamlike quality derived from use of stone, one silver eucalyptus, a swathe of miniature bamboo and a plane of impossibly green grass maintained at a height of several inches.
Additional recipes can be found in the new Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pies cookbook now on sale at bookstores.
It might all have seemed impossibly convoluted, but Gonzalez devised an informative, no-frills presentation for the exhibition, including didactic materials presented on plain sheets of paper clipped to the wall, one for each of the artists in the show.
Not wanting to poison the well, Gunster's senior management chose to ignore the fact that its representation of the Orlanskys and their affiliate companies and Bankest and Bankest's factor clients and the Bank was impossibly conflicted," says the complaint.
They attempt to portray Walter as an addict who gets off on the high of risking it all and losing - losing his business and his impossibly supportive wife (Rene Russo).
Her erratic swaying impossibly quickened through editing, the dancing figure shimmers like a ghost in the darkened space, washed out to a bleary black-and-white.
Telling the story from Flannery's point of view sometimes propels the novel's tone into adolescent gushing but also enables the author to capture the sort of infatuation one is capable of at 17, when the whole world of experience is waiting just across the threshold and whoever turns up to open the door seems impossibly sophisticated.