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Energy was not VAT-able until a UK chancellor saw the fiscal bounty the 5% impost now brings.
3) New York vetoed the 1783 impost proposal, according to the Federalists, to preserve the tax on imports coming through the New York harbor for selfish, exclusive New York State uses.
Hence, Muscat Municipality should impost stricter fines for littering/spitting.
That run was just last week and Appleby sends him into battle once again here under a further 6lb penalty, although his mark could well be higher than even that impost when the handicapper has his say.
It was good to see that the scope of the levy changed to being a domestic impost, and that was important.
These two principles are again visited briefly under the review of capacity-to-pay and benefits-received aspects of equity in the impost of this tax in the next section.
140) However, Giles Jacob's New Law-Dictionary, the most popular work of its kind in America, (141) limited the term to only exactions on imports, (142) which necessarily rendered an impost a kind of duty.
This may sound like a huge impost on the budget but it really is not," said Mitra.
It also called countries to impost an embargo for sending weapons to Syrian government forces as well as armed opposition groups implicated in committing war crimes.
It will need legislative backing and impost of tax / cess is strictly construed," an official source said.
On the situation of the Hospital, Sister John Feiv said that a big volume of medicine and equipment are not available in most cases due to the siege and sanctions impost on the country.
55 Ludlow) Earned the best speed figures on the card when romping home at Leicester a week ago and should not be inconvenienced by her impost.