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HILDA BURKE, psychotherapist, couples counsellor and life coach, says imposter syndrome traits can be ingrained from childhood: "Most of us inherit a script from our parents about what we'll amount to - whether explicit or implicit.
Similar imposter scams recently used the names of The Florida Bar president and Board of Governors members to target potential victims.
The identity of the imposter could not be ascertained immediately.
Seven paintings by British artists have been removed from museums around the UK in a bid to see if the visiting public can spot the imposters among the collections.
I'll gladly shoot the Easter Bunny, the imposter that gets in the way of Jesus.
The imposter was deluged with criticism after posting a picture of Kym and her daughter Polly, four.
In this case, the imposter is using at least one registered trademark, and the situation is ripe for redress under Twitter's Trademark Policy.
One New York tweeter, known as Lisa B, wrote: "I've seen the Rod Stewart imposter in VIP lounge at JFK.
It heard that in 2007 he had used another imposter at an exam centre in Stoke-on-Trent - only for him to be exposed as a conman.
When he was developing "The Imposter," which recounts the scarcely believable story of how a 23-year-old French-Algerian conman persuaded a Texan family that he was their missing 16-year-old son, Layton was determined to appeal to an audience that wouldn't normally watch a documentary in the cinema.
Initially, the imposter is guarded in his interactions with his new family and the local community, but eventually relaxes when it seems he has not aroused suspicions.

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