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One day two impostors arrived who gave themselves out as weavers, and said that they knew how to manufacture the most beautiful cloth imaginable.
This man with the odd scar and the ordinary ears is not an impostor.
I stood by for an instant, glorying in the thought that he could not hear me; the next, I saw what it was he was reaching up for - a bell-mouthed blunderbuss - and I knew the little devil for the impostor that he was.
The impostor who does duty as a barber brings his pans and napkins and implements of torture to your residence and deliberately skins you in your private apartments.
His conclusion was that one of two things must be the explanation-- either that this was a begging impostor, or that the prince, if prince he were, was simply a fool, without the slightest ambition; for a sensible prince with any ambition would certainly not wait about in ante-rooms with servants, and talk of his own private affairs like this.
We were to learn in the days to come, when it was too late, that George was a miserable impostor, who could evidently have known nothing whatever about the matter.
It will satisfy me as well to have Jinjur turned out, as an impostor, as to regain the throne myself.
For all you know I may be an impostor, indulging an unpardonable curiosity.
Some day or other, you will turn out to be a terrible impostor.
But, fortunately, your Highness has now been warned against this impostor and her witnesses.
And now, you damned impostor, you'd better tell me who you are.
Charmed, I am sure, to have satisfied you that Grace is not an impostor," said Lady Janet, with satirical humility.