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Chapter One examines the ways in which imposture worked along the margins of laws and conventions.
I guess many people share these same feelings, looking at the lies, imposture, disgrace, zigzagging and inconsistencies.
As I earlier pointed out, that aesthetic disgust results from witnessing a lack of authenticity in the face of a particular kind of imposture.
He goes on to say, "They believed in the sufficient natural goodness of mankind, a goodness humanized by frank sensuality and a wink at amiable human vices; their tmly ardent morality was all negative, and flashed out of hatred of cruelty and oppression and in their scorn of imposture.
38) Lamb, through Elia, rehearses common literary stereotypes about poverty in order to refute the Society's criminalization of imposture.
Imposture flourished, or doubts about social authenticity were abnormally high in this period, for several reasons.
Quant a lui, Mezri Haddad, ex-ambassadeur de la Tunisie a l'UNESCO, il a estime que l'islam politique a echoue deja avant meme de naEtre, soulignant que l'islam politique est une imposture theologique.
This is posturing and an imposture," the French spokesman said.
This is open imposture and deliberate failure to designate the parties responsible for the killing of the protesters and the sit-in participants.
Recaderos, practicantes de oficios, mujeres de su casa, hombres resignados a seguir los sinos de su clase o dispuestos a cualquier imposture que se traduzca en ascensos en la escalera de la sociedad.
When people live in small villages, everybody knows who everybody else is and imposture becomes impossible.
The voices sound masculine and spooky, but the statement in the booklet by an unnamed speech specialist that a child could not maintain such imposture for hours without damage to her vocal cords lacks supporting evidence.