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Imposture is difficult to categorize "por la variada casuistica de sus motivaciones (honor, dinero, camuflaje, identidad sexual, el placer de enganar al projimo, etc.
And second, they make explicit which crossings from one order to the other constitute mere impostures and which ones, instead, are acceptable.
38) Lamb, through Elia, rehearses common literary stereotypes about poverty in order to refute the Society's criminalization of imposture.
Imposture flourished, or doubts about social authenticity were abnormally high in this period, for several reasons.
Meslier says, "faith is a blind belief that serves as the foundation of all religions, and is only a principle of errors, illusions and impostures.
In their shameless impostures, they represent the dark side of all that is best in America, its spirit of enterprise.
As Finigan himself said of a visit in August 1837: "Among the persons whom I met in the caravanserais of John Street were beggars, showmen, music grinders, pedlars and impostures of different grades and different nations, lodging in wretched harmony, filthy vileness and disgusting dirt to the number of from 15 to 20 or more in one house.
In 1997, he and Belgian physicist Jean Bricmont published Impostures intellectuelles (Paris, Odile Jacob), which included a lot of material that Sokal had not been able to incorporate in his essay.
Employing diverse rhetorical strategies, the seven episodes of the series Andalucia, un siglo de fascinacion (Martin Patino, 1996) set up a succession of filmic impostures that employ some brushstrokes drawn from reality to sketch a portrait of Andalusia on a fictional canvas and vice versa.
The impostor does not dispose of his imposture as he pleases, according to his fancy, all impostures are of a piece, that is what I wished to demonstrate to the Spanish dignitaries, to the contemptible Jesuit superiors of Palma.
Mark Twain saw there nothing but "clap-trap side-shows and unseemly impostures of every kind" (The Innocents Abroad [Hartford, Conn.
IN HIS TIMELY and keenly argued polemic, Humanitarian Imperialism, Jean Bricmont subjects left-liberal humanitarian rationale for war to the same kind of unsparing scrutiny as he and his co-author Alan Sokal did to the intellectual pretenses of postmodernists in Intellectual Impostures.